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Spring Fling Hoop Thing draws record number of teams

Posted at 6:39 PM, Jun 03, 2018

GREAT FALLS — A record 325 teams competed in the 23rd Annual Spring Fling Hoop Thing 3-on-3 basketball tournament. The event is a fundraiser for the Alliance For Youth, and is the biggest 3-on-3 tournament in the state of Montana.

Spring Fling Hoop Thing 2018 Winners By division

Kindergarten Male Division-Champions, Mini Bulldogs 2; 2nd Place, Up and Coming; Comeback Champs Screaming Eagles

Kindergarten and 1st Grade Female Division-Champions, The Blackfeet Girls; Rim Jammers; Comeback Champs, Wonder Girls

1st Grade Male Division- Champions, Belt Warriors; 2nd Place, Glacier Ballers Comeback Champs, Screaming eagles

2nd Grade Male A Division– Champions, Titans; 2nd Place, T-Birds; Comeback Champs, Cree Stars

2nd Grade Male B Division– Champions, Nets White; 2nd Place, Hot Shots; Comeback Champs, Ankle Breakers

2nd Grade Female Division– Champions, Longhorns; 2nd Place, Rim Jammers; Comeback Champs, Little Lady Herd

3rd Grade Male Division– Champions, Cap City; 2nd Place, NW Energy Thunder; Comeback Champs, Pikuni Hoops

3rd Grade Female Division– Champions, Golden Lady Huskies; 2nd Place, Rocky Boy; Comeback Champs, White Lady HotShots

4th Grade Male Division A– Champions, Lil Longhorns; 2nd Place, Capital City Ballers M; Comeback Champs, Ballers

4th Grade Male Division B– Champions, Capital City Ballers W;2nd Place, Wild; Comeback Champs

4th Grade Female Division– Champions,406 Dream 2; 2nd place, lil Panthers; Comeback Champs, Pikuni Divas

5th Grade Male A Division– Champions, Helena Heros ;2nd Place, Spartans; Comeback Champs, Los Jefes

5th Grade Male B Division– Champions, 406 Fusion; 2nd place, Fast Breakers; Comeback Champs, Hustle n huskies

5th Grade Female Division– Champions, G.O. Hoops 2; 2nd Place, ZooTown Dynamite; Comeback Champs, Pikuni Shootouts

6th Grade Male A Division– Champions, Wolves; 2nd Place, Quake; Comeback Champs, Pukuni Elite

6th Grade Male B Division– Champions, Hoops 3; 2nd Place, Belt Huskies; Comeback Champs, Fort Benton Ballers

6th Grade Male C Division– Champions, Iron Horse; 2nd Place, Hoops 4; Comeback Champs, Big Sandy Pioneers

6th Grade Female Division– Champions, Superior Crushers; 2nd Place, Basket Ballerz; Comeback Champs, lady Hoopsterz

7th Grade Male A Division– Champions, Box City Bears; 2nd Place, And 1 Warriors; Comeback Champs, GF Rams

7th Grade Male B Division– Champions, Wyatt the Brave; 2nd Place, Cagers; Comeback Champs, Panthers

7th Grade Female A Division– Champions, Tropics ;2nd Place, Native express; Comeback Champs, Havre Heat

7th Grade Female B Division– Champions, Panthers;2nd Place, Shooting Stars; Comeback Champs, Lady Mountaineers

8th Grade Male A Division– Champions, Hi-Line Outlaws; 2nd Place, Ballstars; Comeback Champs, Two Talls and a Small

8th Grade Male B Division– Champions, Lottery Picks ;2nd Place, Showtime; Comeback Champs Hi-Line Warriors

8th Grade Female A Division– Champions, Trio of Trouble; 2nd Place, Silky Splashers; Comeback Champs, NMS Ballers

8th Grade Female B Division– Champions, GF Thunder; 2nd Place, Lady War Hoops 2; Comeback Champs

9th & 10th Grade Male A Division– Champions, Blackfeet Resistance ;2ndPlace, Jam Fam; Comeback Champs, BDB

9th & 10th Grade Male B Division– Champions, Goonies ;2nd Place, Shakers; Comeback Champs, Diamond Backs

9th & 10th Grade Female Division– Champions, Piikuni Nation; 2nd Place, Sauc3; Comeback Champs, N8V Ballers

11th & 12th Grade Male Division- Champions,3 Champs and 1Chump; 2nd Place, Livermore Chiefs; Comeback Champs, Big Ballers

11th & 12th Grade Female Division- Champions, 3 Blind Mice; 2nd Place, Slam Wow; Comeback Champs, Rocky Boy Sr’s

Regular Adult Male Division Champions, Soup-a-Starz; 2nd Place, Venture Stone; Comeback Champs, SYCC

6’ 1” male adult A Division– Champions, T-Rat; 2nd Place, Poi Time; Comeback Champs, Railers

6’ 1” male adult B Division– Champions, No Love; 2nd Place, BZN; Comeback Champs
Co-ed Adult Division- Champions, Nitsitapii ;2nd Place, SACQ; Comeback Champs, G8 Athletic Young Squad

Play 4UR Cause Division– Champions, Dandelion Foundation;2nd Place, University of Providence