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Youth Sports Spotlight: Polson Bay Golf Course

Posted at 10:50 PM, May 06, 2018

MISSOULA – In this week’s youth sports spotlight we head over to Polson to check out how one PGA Jr. League program is making big strides in a small town.

Polson Bay Golf Course Head PGA Professional Cameron Milton and his growing PGA Jr. League program have become a huge success in and around the area. Milton has grown his PGA Junior League from one team to six teams in just four seasons.

The program is now made up of 72 boys and girls in a town of just 5,000 people. Milton says he’s not only teaching the kids to golf, but hoping they pick up on some life lessons along the way.

“I tell the kids that there’s two things that they can control. They can control their effort level and their attitude, and when I specifically talk about attitude I’m talking about enthusiasm,” said Milton. “And I think when you operate with a high level of enthusiasm and a high level of effort that you can build confidence with those kids. There’s not a negative word said to those kids while they’re playing golf regardless if they whiff five times or hit the perfect shot.”