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Crazy catch from MSU-Northern football leads KRTV Gamechangers (Mon., April 23)

Posted at 6:16 PM, Apr 23, 2018

#5. Xavier Pace sparking Carroll’s defense!

Carroll College spring football game in Helena. Quarterback Reese Hiibel overthrows his man but former CMR standout Xavier Pace is johnny on the spot for the interception and run back on a day dominated by the saints defense.

#4. Wyatt McKinlay is a two-legged tank!

We go to Havre and MSU-Northern’s spring football game. The Lights run a draw play out of the shotgun and look at big Wyatt McKinlay lowering the boom on the linebacker and reels off a vicious run from the fullback. Mercy!

#3. Great diving defense by Matt Houlihan!

American Legion Baseball, Vauxhall Jets vs the Great Falls Chargers. Johnny Vulcano lines it into right field but look at the diving catch by Matt Houlihan to get the out! Let’s see that again, beautiful catch by the senior!

#2. Darneail Jenkins doesn’t have time to use two hands!

The Rocky Mountain College spring game. Drew Korf drops in a perfect ball over the middle but an even better one handed catch by Darneail Jenkins! Let’s check that replay, what a catch by the big tight end! Wow!

#1. Pass interference? No problem, Fotios Jordanoglou will catch it anyway!

Back to the MSU-Northern spring game. Quarterback Tommy Wilson off the play action, chucking it deep, and check out this catch from Fotios Jordanoglou with the corner draped all over him for pass interference and he still manages to pull it in! What concentration from the Lights wide out!