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Tri-County Vigilantes football ready to open season this weekend in Billings

Posted at 10:47 PM, Apr 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-05 15:52:38-04

HELENA – “I just love the full contact aspect of it,” said Vigilante’s Joey Klein. “And I love just the ability to run full speed into someone and make a bell ring somewhere.”

It might be only April, but football is back in Montana with the Tri-County Vigilantes semi-pro football team.

These guys are the true definition of weekend warriors. Putting in their time during the week at their day jobs in Helena and Great Falls. But nights and weekends belong to the game.

“We got guys that live two hours away, three hours away, four hours away and they come and play for us,” said running back Kevin Carter. “So you know how great we are. We’re ran by a great organization. A great group of guys. They just love to play football and go out there and have fun. Our main goal is to have fun. When you have fun you win.”

And having fun is what keeps these guys coming back week after week.

“At the moment it’s just the love of the game,” said Vigilante quarterback. “You just can’t quit, you just can’t stop, you know what I mean? So, that’s really the only thing. You get in the car on Saturday’s and drive across the state for is because you love this game and the great group of guys you play with every week.”

“Love of the game,” said offensive coordinator Eric Schorer. “I’ve been a strength and conditioning coach for 11 years and just being around the guys, working with the guys. Getting the guys prepared to hit somebody and play a physical game, it’s something that you got to love.”

Passion for the game is not in short supply with the Vigilantes, and it can be clearly seen on Saturdays.

“It’s really exciting, there is really no other football going on right now,” said Dorsh. “It’s real football. We’re not talking arena league, we’re not talking modified rules, this isn’t Canadian football, this isn’t whatever. This is real true American 11-on-11 outdoor football going on.”

“A lot of guys who have the talent to put on a good show and it’s a great game to watch and have fun,”said Schorer.

“Lombardi said it best when he said if you’re playing to compete, why wouldn’t you want to be the best”, added Klein.

2018 Schedule

– 4/14 – Tri-County Vigilantes at Billings Xtreme – 2:00 Laruel High School
– 4/21 – Tri-County Vigilantes vs. Utah Vipers – 6:00 Vigilante Stadium
– 4/28 – Tri-County Vigilantes vs. Billings Xtreme – 3:00 Helena Capital High School
– 5/12 – Tri-County Vigilantes vs. Kalispell Monsters – 6:00 Vigilante Stadium
– 5/19 – Tri-County Vigilantes at Idaho Anarchy
– 6/2 – Tri-County Vigilantes at Kalispell Monsters