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Chris Murray’s trick play leads the KRTV Gamechangers (Mon Apr 9)

Posted at 8:38 PM, Apr 10, 2018

#5. Elijah Davis unloads a fury of punches

Annual Crosstown Rumble between Great Falls High and CMR. The Rustlers’ Corbin Piprude against the Bison’s Elijah Davis. Look at Davis coming out of the gate unleashing a fury tornado of punches. Piprude gets a couple shots in there, but in the end it was just too much. Davis wins by unanimous decision and Great Falls High wins over all on the night 5-1.

#4. Samori Toure making it look easy

First Montana Griz football scrimmage of the season. Dalton Sneed lobs it to the corner of the end zone and Samori Toure comes down with it beating his man for the touchdown. That wouldn’t be the end of Toure’s performance as you’ll see later in the countdown.

#3. Ashlyn Lyons unleashes a BOMB!

Big softball match-up between Weber State and Montana, two of the teams picked to finished in the top of the Big Sky. Ashlyn Lyons says SEE-YA! A home run bomb on the first pitch of Weber State’s pitcher change. The rain shortens the game and the Lady Griz come away with a huge victory 5-3.

#2. Toure’s terrific toe tap

Back to the Griz scrimmage, and, as mentioned, back to Samori Toure. This time Gresch Jensen finds him in the other corner of the end zone. Check out Toure just getting one foot inbounds as he runs out of real estate. Great day for the redshirt sophomore.

#1. Chris Murray drawing up a trick play for the ages!

A day filled with defense at Montana State’s Sonny Holland Scrimmage. But one trick play stole the highlight of the day. On the goal line for the two point conversion, check out quarterback Chris Murray with the no look backwards flip over the shoulder to a wide open Wilson Brott in the end zone. Let’s check that again, Jeff Choate reaching into his bag of tricks there, that play fooled everybody!