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Kalispell’s Joe Pistorese hoping to pitch his way up the minor league ladder

Posted at 9:05 PM, Mar 28, 2018

PEORIA, AZ – Major League Baseball throws out the first pitch of a new season on Thursday. While Minor League Baseball players wait anxiously.

Kalisepll native Joe Pistorese is one of hundreds still at Spring Training about to find out where they will play very soon. The left-handed reliever is hoping for a promotion.

Pistorese finished up at high class A ball last season, pitching for the Mariners affiliate in Modesto, California. The former Kalispell Laker and Washington State Cougar has found success at five different stops over his first three years in the pros, collecting a career ERA of 2.60, a record of 9-4, and 146 strikeouts in 121 innings.

So Pistorese could get a bump up to class AA in Arkansas by the end of the week. But he has learned to not fret about where the Mariners send him.

“You can be on the right path, the path that you laid out for yourself, and something can happen in front of you and bump you back,” said Pistorese. “It’s good not to be stubborn about things. But yeah, it’s hard not to have a goal for yourself. I definitely did going in when I first got drafted. And I learned that I just need to adjust, you know, reset the sails as time goes on. But I’ve still got goals for myself. My goal right now is making that AA team.”

Pistorese says he has become a much more mature player since being drafted in the 17th round by the Mariners in June of 2015. And he’s learned a key way to start the season in form.

“I get down (to Spring Training in Arizona) pretty early to start practicing, and start getting my arm going, and get in the weight room as much as I can,” said Pistorese. “It’s a lot of ball, and it’s a lot on your body. That’s why it’s always nice to get down here early. That’s what I’ve learned over my last two years, is that the sooner you can get down here the better. Spring Training can hit you like a freight train if you’re not ready.”

Pistorese did get to pitch in one Spring Training game for the Mariners each of the past two seasons. He struggled in his first chance. But back on February 27th, he recorded four outs and allowed only one run against the San Diego Padres.