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Will Dissly reflects on his NFL dreams and prepares for the draft

Posted at 11:17 PM, Mar 17, 2018

SEATTLE -The NFL Draft is just over a month away, and one Bozeman native is hoping to hear his name called.

Will Dissly, a former Bozeman Hawk and University of Washington football player, is one of the top tight ends in the draft this year. Dissly only played the position for the Huskies for two seasons, but has thrived and even got an invite to the NFL Combine. And now he’s ready to take the step to the next level.

“It’s every kid’s dream to go to the NFL. So pretty much from the moment I picked up a football, I was always dreaming about playing for an NFL team,” said Dissly. “Expecting it and wanting it are two different things. But it was always my goal to play at the highest level. I was thankful to play at a Pac-12 school and now I’m continuing my career in the NFL.”

Even though he has a great chance to get drafted in the NFL, Dissly still looks back in the rear view mirror and remembers those days at Van Winkle Stadium in Bozeman.

“It’s been an unreal experience. I’m super thankful for where I come from, Coach (Troy) Purcell and (Levi) Wesche and everything they’ve taught me, so it’s been awesome,” Dissly said.

The road is still not over for Dissly, there is still a ways to go until draft day and he is using each to his advantage.

“I’m doing great. I’m training hard to go to the NFL and if that doesn’t work out I’m sure I’ll have a safe home in Bozeman and I’d love to come back and be a part of that community one day,” Dissly said.

The Husky alum is coming back to Bozeman to watch the NFL Draft, which starts on April 26, in the company of his friends and family. He doesn’t know if he will be drafted, where he will be drafted, or what team might draft him, but he says he thinks his name will be called.