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Maggie Voisin returns home to adoring celebration

Posted at 9:19 AM, Mar 08, 2018

WHITEFISH — Maggie Voisin returned home to quite the showing of residents congratulating her on a very successful run in this year’s Olympic Games. Voisin made the small community of Whitefish, the state, and the country extremely proud.

Her hometown welcomed her home in style with a firetruck ride and hometown celebration with proclamations from Mayor John Muhlfeld and the Whitefish Winter Carnival Royalty. She snapped some selfies with fans and waved at the crowds that lined the streets of downtown Whitefish.

Reflecting on her experience, she said visiting South Korea was a great experience, but returning home is always special.

“It’s obviously such an incredible experience. For me, the journey leading up to my first Olympics and what happened and that whole journey going into Pyeongchang has made it so much more memorable and so much more special for me,” Voisin said.

Voisin finished in fourth place in women’s slope-style skiing, dropping out of bronze medal position on the fourth-to-last competitor.

Voisin took a while to show the form that won her X Games gold once she got to Pyeongchang. The 19-year-old barely advanced to the finals but had a strong final run that showed everyone what makes her so dangerous for Team USA.

Voisin said she is continually humbled by the community now that she’s home and encouraged anyone to follow their dreams like she has, as she’s proof that it can happen.

“We come from such a great community and a small resort that is so awesome. And I just have this deep passion for skiing and for me, how I’ve gotten to where I am is just really fully loving what I do and am making sacrifices, and those sacrifices are part of the journey,” she said.