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Jessy Davis among Montanans advancing to RodeoHouston semifinals

Posted at 9:57 PM, Mar 07, 2018

(RodeoHouston media release)

HOUSTON – Competitors were at the top of their game on Wednesday, March 7, as they rode their way to the top four spots in each RODEOHOUSTON event. After a thrilling Super Series III, 28 cowboys and cowgirls advanced to the Semifinals set for March 14 and 15, 2018.

Cade Swor of Chico, Texas, advanced to the RODEOHOUSTON semifinals after a redemption run of 8.8 seconds in round three of Super Series III.

Advancing to a Semifinal Round:
Cade Swor: Chico, Texas — $4,750
Cody Quaney: Cheney, Kansas — $3,000
Cory Solomon: Prairie View, Texas— $3,000
Westyn Hughes: Caldwell, Texas — $3,000

Ty Breuer of Mandan, North Dakota, won the Super Series III Bareback Riding Championship title with three solid rides in the Series. Breuer said it’s really important to stay in shape physically, and training is what has helped him to prepare for the rodeo season.

Advancing to a Semifinal Round:
Ty Breuer: Mandan, North Dakota — $6,750
Tanner Aus: Pennock, Minnesota — $4,500
Jessy Davis: Power, Montana — $3,375
Clayton Biglow: Clements, California — $3,375

Clayton Hass and John Robertson won the Team Roping at Super Series III after three quick runs in the Series. Robertson said he and his partner began working together last year, and so far everything has gone well.
“We did good in the first two rounds, which took the pressure off [the third round], but I try not to think about the finals too much,” Robertson said.

Advancing to a Semifinal Round:
Clayton Hass: Weatherford, Texas, and John Robertson: Polson, Montana — $12,500
Kaleb Driggers: Stephenville, Texas, and Junior Nogueira: Burleson, Texas — $9,000
Derrick Begay: Winslow, Arizonia, and Clay Cooper: Gardnerville, Nevada — $8,000
Jake Orman: Huntsville, Texas, and Will Woodfin: Marshall, Texas — $5,500

Jacobs Crawley won Saddle Bronc Riding in Super Series III. Crawley said his past winnings help take a little pressure off competing in the upcoming finals, but it takes a great rider and a great ride to win, and it’s win or go home, Crawley said.

“I love Rodeo because it’s a humbling sport,” Crawley said. “You ride against your best friends but you are competing against an animal.”

Advancing to a Semifinal Round:
Jacobs Crawley: Boerne, Texas — $7,000
Brody Cress: Hillsdale, Wyoming — $4,250
Ryder Wright: Beaver, Utah — $4,000
Spencer Wright: Milford, Utah — $3,250

Dakota Eldridge won Steer Wrestling at Super Series III, solidifying his spot in the RODEOHOUSTON Semifinals. Eldridge joked about the nature of the sport and that he only tries to rip a few shirts a year because it’s hard on the pocketbook. He is confident going into the Championship at RODEOHOUSTON this year.

“Winning [a] Super Series is awesome because you get on a role and stay on a role,” Eldridge said, “and I want to win.”

Advancing to a Semifinal Round:
Dakota Eldridge: Elko, Nevada — $5,000
Blake Knowles: Heppner, Oregon — $5,000
Clayton Hass: Weatherford, Texas — $3,000
Curtis Cassidy: Donalda, Alberta, Canada — $3,000

Super Series III Barrel Racing Champion, Tracy Nowlin advanced to the RODEOHOUSTON Semifinals after a thrilling 14.68 second run in round three — the fastest barrel racing time in 2018 at RODEOHOUSTON.

“It felt fast,” Nowlin said. “The third barrel is always the hardest. When I was 11 years old, I had a yellow horse that taught me how to run the first barrel, but he didn’t turn the third so that is always in my mind.”

Advancing to Semifinal Round:
Tracy Nowlin: Nowata, Oklahoma — $5,000
Sherry Cervi: Marana, Arizona — $5,000
Carmel Wright: Roy, Montana — $4,500
Tiany Schuster: Krum, Texas — $3,000

Trey Benton won Bull Riding at Super Series III and will be advancing to the RODEOHOUSTON Semifinals. Benton said it takes a lot of physical and mental strength to get up every morning to go ride a bull for a living.

“I’m happy as could be right now to go on to the next round,” Benton said. “Riding here every night gets me amped up because I’ve got a lot of family and friends here. I can’t thank them enough and hope I can give them a good show.”

Advancing to Semifinal Round:
Trey Benton: Huntsville, Texas — $4,000
Boudreaux Campbell: Crockett, Texas — $3,000
Lon Danley: Tularosa, New Mexico — $3,000
Koby Radley: Holden, Louisiana — $3,000