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Mack Anderson leads the KRTV Gamechangers with monster dunk and block (Mon Mar 5)

Posted at 6:22 PM, Mar 05, 2018

#5. Cade Tyson out here knocking down circus shots

AA boys Eastern Divisional Tournament. Billings West vs. Billing Senior. West’s Cade Tyson gets the turnover here, he streaks towards the cup and check out this crazy off balance shot! How did he even manage to pull that off? Serious focus right there.

#4. Right back to Tyson, and he’s got some serious skill

Same game and again it’s Tyson bringing the ball down the floor and check out the no look dish to Cole DeVries for the layup! Smooth as butter. Senior gets the win though.

#3. Rothwell gets the turnover…AND he knocks it in backwards?!

We stay in Butte, Billings Senior vs CMR. Broncs turn the ball over and Garrison Rothwell charges down the floor and check out the backwards layup from the Rustlers senior! CMR would roll onto a win.

#2. Throw it down big man!!!

CMR vs Bozeman in the East Championship. Hawks bring the ball up the floor and Payton Price with the nice pass to the 6’9” big man Mack Anderson and he slams it home with defenders all over him! Bozeman would end up losing however.

#1. Anderson back again with the DENIAL!

Bozeman vs. Billings Skyview. Falcons get it to Tyler Kinghorn who goes in to dunk, but look at Anderson right there saying get that stuff out of here! That’s a grown man block right there! Bozeman gets the dub-ya.