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Bozeman Figure Skating Club holds first competition in 12 years

Posted at 8:01 PM, Feb 13, 2018

BOZEMAN – Over the weekend the Bozeman Figure Skating Club took a page out of the Olympic handbook, holding its first figure skating competition in 12 years. The two-day Rocky Mountain Classic was held at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds.

The athletes aren’t quite ready for Pyeongchang, but it still takes the same extreme dedication to ace their routines.

“The cliché life lesson from skating is that when you fall down, you get back up. But it really teaches a lot of discipline, it teaches perseverance,” said Bozeman figure skating coach Emma Jobson.

And even at a young age, these athletes know what it takes to become great at one of the most technical sports on the planet.

“It’s a lot of commitment and you learn that if you commit to the sport, you’re here at five in the morning putting in those hours to better yourself,” Jobson said, who has been skating for around 20 years. “These girls come into this rink when it’s like negative-5 (degrees) in the morning and they are still skating. It’s impressive, I’ve been really blown away by how committed the girls here are.”