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Missoula Big Sky pins crosstown rivals on way to Garden City Duals victory

Posted at 10:40 PM, Jan 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-26 14:36:09-05

MISSOULA – Missoula Big Sky proved its superiority on the wrestling mats in Missoula on Friday. The Eagles dominated crosstown rivals Missoula Sentinel and Missoula Hellgate on their way to a Garden City Duals title.

Big Sky beat Hellgate 58-6 and then took down the Spartans 42-18. Sentinel won last year’s city title, but Big Sky got revenge with their second victory in the past three years.

Sentinel won the final dual of the day, 59-9 over Hellgate.

All three teams next go to Big Sky for the Western AA seeding tournament on Feb. 2. The best then advance to the state tournament in Billings the following week.

Missoula Big Sky 58, Missoula Hellgate 6

103: Zane Martin (Big Sky) over Jordan Tack (Hellgate) (Fall 1:08)
113: Isaac Ayers (Big Sky) over Jacob Hickman (Hellgate) (MD 15-2)
120: open
126: Blake Weingart (Big Sky) over (For.)
132: Trevin Welzein (Big Sky) over (For.)
138: Isaac Skillicorn (Big Sky) over Nick Ramsey (Hellgate) (Fall 3:53)
145: Hunter Menzen (Big sky) over Nate Brown (Hellgate) (Fall 1:34)
152: Bridger Hall (Hellgate) over Dougie Swanson (Big Sky) (Dec 9-8)
160: Jett Rebish (Big Sky) over Ethan Eppard (Hellgate) (Fall 1:51)
170: Mason Corcoran (Big Sky) over (For.)
182: Wyatt Shin (Big Sky) over (For.)
205: Layne Cooney (Hellgate) over Wyatt Shin (Big Sky) (Dec 8-6)
285: Tommy Leonard (Big Sky) over (For.)

Missoula Big Sky 42, Missoula Sentinel 18

103: Tobias Martin (MBSL) over (MISE) (For.)
113: Bryson Danzinger (MISE) over Isaac Ayers (MBSL) (Dec 9-7)
120: Novik Thomas (MISE) over Tony Silveria (MBSL) (Fall 3:07)
126: Jackson Bakken (MISE) over Blake Weingart (MBSL) (Fall 5:15)
132: Trevin Welzien (MBSL) over Justin Kovalicky (MISE) (Dec 3-0)
138: Reece Eckley (MISE) over Isaac Skillicorn (MBSL) (Dec 8-3)
145: Hunter Meinzen (MBSL) over Blake Jolma (MISE) (MD 13-2)
152: Dougie Swanson (MBSL) over Luke Joy (MISE) (Dec 6-3)
160: Jett Rebish (MBSL) over Conall Powers (MISE) (MD 11-1)
170: Mason Corcoran (MBSL) over Simon Kaldor (MISE) (Inj. [time])
182: Wyatt Shinn (MBSL) over Reece Rahn (MISE) (MD 15-6)
205: Joseph Robinson (MBSL) over Nate Holzer (MISE) (Fall 2:23)
285: Tommy Leonard (MBSL) over Josh Gunter (MISE) (Fall 1:51)

Missoula Sentinel 59, Missoula Hellgate 9

113: Bryson Danzinger (Sentinel) over Wyatt Zander (Hellgate) (Fall 3:01)
152: Bridger Hall (Hellgate) over Luke Joy (Sentinel) (Decision 10-3)
160: Conall Powers (Sentinel) over Ethan Eppard (Hellgate) (Fall 2:13)
205: Nathan Holzer (Sentinel) over Layne Cooney (Hellgate) (Fall 2:23)

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