Butte Central’s McGree family legacy carries on to a new generation of athletes

Posted at 10:45 PM, May 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-24 15:35:55-04

BUTTE — With the Class A state track and field meet this weekend in Laurel, the Butte Central Maroons are looking to bring home some hardware. Like so many great Maroon teams from years past, this year’s squad is led by one of the most recognizable names in Butte.

“When you talk about track in Butte Central the McGree name comes to mind. There’s a long legacy of McGrees that have been state champs at Butte Central. You know, track is just in their blood,” said Butte Central head coach Zack Stajcar.

There isn’t just one McGree leading this year’s team; there are three. Sisters Rileigh and Lindsay, along with their cousin Thomas, all carry on the McGree family legacy as they get to cement their place in the family’s history.

“I love watching them do well competing and I just think, ‘Yeah, that’s my family, that’s my cousins or siblings.’ And to look in the stands and see all of our family come to support all of us, it’s just the best feeling,” said Lindsay. 

One might think there are some family rivalries between the three, but that’s far from the case. As competitive as the three are, there’s nothing they like to see more than watching one another compete.

“Me and Lindsay are really competitive, but we’re always happy for each other. And I think we’re just good competitors because we know each other and we have fun with each other, so it’s a lot of fun,” said Rileigh. 

“We’re definitely competitive. I think she’s the one who pushes me the most,” Lindsay said of Rileigh. “But it’s also good because she’s one of my favorite people to compete against, and I love jumping against her and having her on my team.”

As for Thomas, he’s just happy Lindsay and Rileigh don’t dish out any smack talk to him.

“Those two are pretty down to earth, they don’t really talk crap or anything, so that’s good. But they could talk a lot of crap to me about how much they dominate, but they don’t so it’s good,” he joked. 

At the end of the day, it’s all love and support for the McGrees as they all get to share these special moments.

“They’re the best role models. I love to see them do well and it’s really fun to be on the same team as them,” said Rileigh.

“It is cool watching (Lindsay and Rileigh) compete, just because they’re so competitive and such good athletes. They’re really good. And the family supports all of us, which is good,” added Thomas.

The McGrees will compete at the Class A state track and field meet in Laurel beginning Thursday. Lindsay has qualified in the 100-meter dash and long jump, Rileigh will compete in the long jump and triple jump, and Thomas runs a leg on the Maroons’ 400-meter relay team and placed fourth at the Western A divisional in the 110-meter hurdles.