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Kamryn Scully’s incredible athletic career at Deer Lodge winding down

Posted at 6:20 PM, May 01, 2019

DEER LODGE – “Jump big, jump soon. Just get as many jumps in as possible,” Kamryn Scully said.

You can tell jumping and getting air runs through Scully’s blood. The Deer Lodge senior is the defending Class B state champion in the girls pole vault. But defending that title this season had some minor setbacks before she even hit the track for the first time this year.

“Last summer I displaced my ankle, so it wasn’t a big serious event. So we didn’t figure it out until the end of the summer,” Scully said. “So it took awhile for that to get fixed, but once that was fixed I went into volleyball season and I was pretty good. And then I had a really bad high ankle sprain so that took all of volleyball season to rehab.”

Kamryn’s three-sport abilities have carried her a long way through her Warden athletic career. Her work ethic and drive is unmatched. Take it from someone who knows Scully the best, her father David.

“Kamryn is a very focused individual as far as trying to do the next physical attempt well,” David said. “You know, learn from the mistakes I made on the last one and do it better this time. So maybe I can jump higher, run faster. She’s very analytical about a lot of things she does and she works very hard.”

This isn’t one of those cases where the coaches kid gets more playing time or gets special treatment. On the track, it’s all about Kamryn and what she can do individually. But even she’ll admit having her dad on the sideline coaching and cheering her on is a big motivator.

“It’s just nice to have someone extra to push you, because I always like to push myself because I know that I can do better and I know there’s a better mark that is really reasonable for me to hit,” added Kamryn. “But it’s nice to have someone else there to give you an extra break between jumps, or to give you that extra motivator.

“But here in track you know you get to actually watch and be more of a dad, because you do your coaching during the week and then they perform during the weekend,” says David. “Then it’s truly up to the athlete to go out and get it done or not get it done.”

The sweetest part of it all for the Scully family is that track still looks to be on the horizon for Kamryn beyond her time as a Warden.