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Playing in Hi-Line Invitational a full circle moment for Butte High's Cadence Graham

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Posted at 3:11 PM, Mar 23, 2024

HAVRE — It was a full circle moment for Butte High freshman Cadence Graham as she got to play in the 37th annual Hi-Line Invitational this weekend.

Graham, the daughter of Montana Tech women’s head coach Jeff Graham, grew up watching her father coach in the HIT and dreamed of being able to play one day. As she sat in the audience during the tournament games as a kid, she looked up to the players and wanted to be just like them.

“I remember watching all the amazing players and I remember wanting to be out there with them,” said Cadence. “I remember growing and wanting to play with those guys and grow up being like one of those stars and being selected to play here.”

It did not take long in her high school career to make make that dream come true. After her freshman year at Butte High, Cadence was extended the offer to play in the HIT. In fact, she is the only freshman on any HIT roster this year which includes the boys.

“It’s been amazing. I’m really glad I had the coaches that wanted to have me come here and I’m super grateful for my parents and everybody that’s helped me come here,” said Cadence.

Before Jeff Graham took the opportunity to coach the Oredigger women, he led the Belt girls to six state titles in the fifteen years he was there. During those title runs, Cadence was right there on the bench imaging herself in a Huskies uniform and winning titles with her dad.

“I do kind of wish sometimes that I did get to play for him but at the same time, I’m glad he gets to live his dream at Tech and I’m so glad we moved there. It’s been a great experience,” said Cadence.

Although she’s not under the leadership of her father at Butte, Cadence has found her home with the Bulldogs. In the regular season she was a top-10 scorer and ranked among the top five in assist throughout the entire AA.

“I was really glad I got to be apart of the team I was. Even though we didn’t make it to state, it was a very good step for our program this year and I cant wait for next year,” she said.