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New Belgrade athletic director Toby Robinson happy to be back with alma mater

Belgrade Panthers
Posted at 9:38 AM, Jul 17, 2020

BELGRADE — A 1992 graduate from Belgrade High School, this has been something Toby Robinson has wanted for a long time.

“No question about it, I bleed green and black," said the school's new athletic director.

“It’s a dream job. When this arose, I jumped on everything I could to get this position," Robinson added.

Robinson came back to Belgrade after years in California to raise his family and give back to his home community.

“Montana is definitely my home, but Belgrade is where I really wanted to be. Give back to my community,” he said. “Nothing means more to me than just the fact that I want Belgrade to succeed. I want to put them on the map and give the opportunity to be the best they can be."

He has some big shoes to fill, taking over for Rick Phillips, who was activities director for 11 years.

“To fill his shoes, that is unbelievable. It’s almost intimidating. He set a daunting task out for me to fill his shoes and try to even increase upon what he did," Robinson said.

Coaching many sports throughout his career, including football and girls basketball at Belgrade, it will be tough to just watch from afar.

“When that ball is kicked off on Friday night under the lights, I think my coaching might come through and I may just want to jump on the sidelines and start yelling again or fixing things," Robinson said. "I am the activities director -- once a coach, always a coach. I think that’s what makes me so desirable for this position, is I understand coaches and leaders, activity leaders and all of that.”

Most schools have a sports wall of fame, but Belgrade does not and Robinson intends to change that quickly to honor the many athletes that have come through the school.

“The wall of fame is something I want to be able to put together," he added. "Because it brings the the community together, when you walk in, people will congregate and walk through it.”