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Montana High School Rodeo Association standings — April 24

Kylie Toavs
Posted at 3:27 PM, Apr 23, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-23 17:27:45-04

BILLINGS — Joliet’s Linden Schenk maintained her hold on the All-Around Cowgirl lead in the Montana High School Rodeo Association standings, while Mitch Detton of Great Falls took over the All-Around Cowboy lead following a good weekend in Shelby.

Detton was the boys all-around winner at the Shelby #1 rodeo after winning steer wrestling and placing third in both team roping and tie down roping. Detton’s showing in Shelby allowed him to leapfrog previous leader AJ Swenson of Huntley and second-place Ryder Gaasch of Dillon in the overall all around cowboy standings.

Miles City (April 27) and Three Forks (April 27-28) are scheduled to host events this weekend.

The state rodeo finals are scheduled for June 3-8 at the Majestic Valley Arena in Kalispell. Contestants are competing for points to qualify for the state finals, and the top four from each event following the finals will compete at the National High School Rodeo Finals July 14-20 in Rock Springs, Wyo.

All-Around Cowgirl: 1, Linden Schenk, Joliet; 2, Aspen Swenson, Huntley; 3, Brook Billingsley, Glasgow; 4, Sally Robb, Townsend; 5, Ella Begger, Townsend; 6, Mollie Mae Ruth, Big Timber.

All-Around Cowboy: 1, Mitch Detton, Great Falls; 2, Ryder Gaasch, Dillon; 3, AJ Swenson, Huntley; 4, Teagen Arnold, Conrad; 5, Charlie Cornwell, Glasgow; 6. Cash Trexler, Corvallis.

Trap Shoot: 1, Austin Ward, Darby; 2, Emma Atkinson, Great Falls; 3, Katy Ramsey, Great Falls; 4, Preston Lee, Choteau; 5, Ruby Ray, Whitefish; 6, William Barnett, Absarokee.

Tie Down Roping: 1, Cash Trexler, Corvallis; 2, Weston Hersel, Lewistown; 3, AJ, Swenson, Huntley; 4, Pacen Buller, Glendive; 5, Blaise Bolich, Belgrade; 6, Mitch Detton, Great Falls.

Team Roping: 1, Tate Poppe, Fallon; 2, Gentre Coulter, Baker; 3, Sally Robb, Bozeman; 4, Charlie Cornwell, Glasgow; 5, John Cornwell, Glasgow; 6, Ella Moedl, Worden.

Steer Wrestling: 1, Ryder Gaasch, Dillon; 2, Mitch Detton, Great Falls; 3, Tatum Hansen, Glasgow; 4, Landon Burleigh, Lewistown; 5, Teagen Arnold, Conrad; 6, Gus Lee, Choteau.

Saddle Bronc Riding: 1, Caiden Gray, Miles City; 2, Randon Boyce, Browning; 3, Randin Wagner, Browning; 4, Paul O’Hair, Livingston; 5, Tahj Wells, Browning; 6, Junior Calfbossribs, Heart Butte.

Rifle Shoot: 1, Sophia Wyatt, Dillon; 2, Clancy Setzer, Wisdom; 3, Katy Ramsey, Great Falls; 4, Ruby Ray, Whitefish; 5, Micah Broch, Corvallis; 6, Emma Atkinson, Great Falls.

Pole Bending: 1, Ella Begger, Townsend; 2, Linden Schenk, Joliet; 3, Shelby Gobbs, Glendive; 4, Tess Megill, Bigfork; 5, Kylie Toavs, Shepherd; 6, Olivia Martell, Three Forks.

Goat Tying: 1, Hailey Burger, Helena; 2, Cassie Gibson, Havre; 3, Linden Schenk, Joliet; 4, Sage Henderson, Lewistown; 5, Sally Robb, Bozeman; 6, Aspen Swenson, Huntley.

Girls Cutting: 1, Mollie Mae Ruth, Big Timber; 2, Mesa Radue, Belgrade; 3, Kate Wiening, Lewistown; 4, Ruby Ray, Whitefish; 5, Aidyn Marie Keffer, Manhattan; 6, Dakota Woodring, Manhattan.

Cowhorse: 1, Kate Wiening, Lewistown; 2, Walker Story, Martinsdale; 3, Mollie Mae Ruth, Big Timber; 4, Mesa Radue, Belgrade; 5, Dakota Woodring, Manhattan; 6, Ali Erickson, Hobson.

Breakaway Roping: 1, Ella Moedl, Worden; 2, Aspen Swenson, Huntley; 3, Brooke Billingsley, Glasgow; 4, Ella Begger, Townsend; 5, Josie Robbins, Dillon; 6, Mollie Mae Ruth, Big Timber.

Boys Cutting: 1, Walker Story, Martinsdale; 2, Ryatt Fraser, Hysham; 3, Jacob Heggie, Choteau; 4, Tristen Cheff, Kalispell.

Bull Riding: 1, Tahj Wells, Browning; 2, West Schroeder, Roscoe; 3, Octavius Christianson, Columbia Falls; 4, Devyn Hundley, Darby; 5, Joe Delaney, Grass Range; 6, Bre’Zhon Spang, Busby.

Barrel Racing: 1, Abigail Devos, Fort Shaw; 2, Jocie Roen, Musselshell; 3, Brooke Billingsley, Glasgow; 4, Olivia Martell, Three Forks; 5, Rylee Webb, Arlee; 6, Kierra Hougen, Melstone.

Bareback Riding: 1, William Barnett, Absarokee; 2, Wyatt Warneke, Great Falls; 3, Leighton Lafromboise, Helena; 4, Azreal Lara, Columbia Falls; 5, Hayden Reed, Hall; Wylee Berglund, Marion.