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Great Falls High takes down Great Falls CMR again in Crosstown Rumble

Posted at 10:50 PM, Apr 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-13 00:50:30-04

GREAT FALLS – The annual Crosstown Rumble between Great Falls CMR and Great Falls High went down at Paris Gibson Education Center on Friday, April 12th.

Great Falls High pulled off the team victory in a 9-2 win. The Bison are now 5-0 and undefeated in the five years since the boxing event started.

The fight results are listed below:

  1. GFH’s Alexis Hoey def. CMR’s Jazzy Gonzales.
  2. GFH’s Elijah Davis def. CMR’s John Morgan.
  3. GFH’s Hayden Azure def. CMR’s Kaleb Littledog.
  4. GFH’s Donnie Kapphan def. CMR’s Colt Lalonde.
  5. CMR’s Jazzy Gonzales def. GFH’s Torey Mudd.
  6. CMR’s Jackson Simonson def. GFH’s Konner Goetz.
  7. GFH’s Drew Daily def. CMR’s Mark Belcourt.
  8. GFH’s Peter Gil def. CMR’s Justin Tetzlaff.
  9. GFH’s Easton Shupe def. CMR’s Mason Fowler.
  10. GFH’s Braedon Lomas def. CMR’s Logan Richard.
  11. GFH’s Caden Hilliard def. CMR’s Lucas Ross.