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Midnight madness: Great Falls High cross country continues 10-year training tradition

Posted at 12:23 PM, Aug 11, 2023

GREAT FALLS — Fall sports officially began practice this year on Friday and there seems to be no team more ready than the Great Falls High cross country team, which decided to go on a four mile run the first minute they could.

For ten years now Bison teams have began their season with a midnight run for some bonding, individual fun, and of course to prepare for their upcoming season.

“We get our glow sticks on, we get out there, we run really fast, and we don't scare the freshman,” said senior John Spinti. “Everybody is out here, everybody is in the mood. It’s the first actual day of practice and everybody starts showing up and it’s a fun one. Not many people run at midnight.”

The midnight practice is not mandatory because coaches cannot force parents into allowing their children to run when it’s pitch black outside, but year after the year most of the team does show up.

“I’m pretty excited because this is my first year doing it,” said junior Vail Vanvoast. “I think it really gets everyone up and jumping. Everyone kind of gets to interact for the first time as a team. It’s some good bonding an it gets us ready for the beginning of the season.”