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After long wait, state championship win was 'a great relief' for Lewistown boys

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Posted at 5:15 PM, Mar 23, 2023

LEWISTOWN — The Lewistown boys basketball team had been on the verge of a Class A state title numerous times within the last decade, a stretch that this program hasn’t seen much of since winning a championship in 1979.

Making it to the state title game four out of the last eight years was exciting for the Eagles, but it was never enough unless they went home with the top prize. This year they would settle for nothing less as they completed their undefeated season and held their heads high as they looked up at their championship hardware.

After being close to winning for so long, the leaders of this team were just happy to finally have gotten it done.

“It’s just a great relief and that’s what you grow up wanting to do,” said senior Royce Robinson. “To get it done with all our guys, juniors and seniors, that’s awesome.”

Being the team that brought championship basketball back to the town after decades was special for the athletes on this roster. They may not have won the first title in school history, but ending a long drought sure made it feel like it.

“This program hasn’t exactly seen a ton of success in the last, I don’t know how many years it was, but there hasn’t been a team this community could get behind until now and it felt great to just bring it back home after that long drought,” said junior Fischer Brown.

The Lewistown community has never given up on their athletic programs, staying true to them through the highs and the lows. This year was the ultimate reward for their continuous loyalty and support after seeing not just one, but two state titles including football’s first championship in over two decades. They also have plenty to look forward to with the returning class.

Brown has now played in two state title games including a 25-point outing in this years winning effort over Dillon. As he and his teammates return for next year, the expectations are just as high as they were for this season.

“We hope to be right back in it. I truly think think that we’ll be just as competitive next year and we can be right in that same position,” said Brown. “I mean it’s a special group. Just capping off that senior year will be amazing.”

As good as they were on the court, coach Scott Sparks believe that his team's winning nature comes from beyond its basketball talents.

“It wasn’t just these kids from a basketball perspective. It’s a weight room perspective, they’re strong academically, they’re just genially great kids, and I think they’re the type of kids you want to be the face of your program and you hope all the little kids that are watching our kids now, that’s what they aspire to be,” said Sparks.