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Sports vs. weather: Winter surge puts halt to high school events

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Posted at 7:17 PM, Dec 20, 2022

GREAT FALLS — More athletic events have been postponed due to poor weather conditions because some teams are unable to travel to their away games. Game postponements are very unfortunate, but what actually factors in to the decision to cancel these competitions?

“Ultimately it just came down to that decision. Is it safe for our kids to be out on the road? Are we conformable putting our busses out on the road? In this particular case given the circumstances, we were not,” said Mike Henneberg, Great Falls Public Schools athletic director.

The decision to postpone or cancel sporting events is far from being made at the last minute. Weather forecasts are being watched weeks ahead of time and are constantly being monitored to see if roads will be safe to travel on when it comes time for teams to head out.

“You evaluate that work with the national weather service and follow the different weather information that’s available,” said Henneberg. “Work with other immunities and see where they are at, then ready a conclusion on what is best for the kids.”

The biggest thing for athletic coordinators when scheduling games is knowing you will have to be flexible. Rescheduling games is a hassle, but the safety of kids will always be priority.