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2019 district basketball tournament brackets (PDFs)

Posted at 11:55 AM, Feb 11, 2019

The 2019 high school basketball postseason is upon us.

The Class A, Class B and Class C district tournaments are this week, with District 2C getting things started on Monday. PDF brackets for the tournaments are below. Scores and pairings for the tournaments will be updated throughout the weekend here.

Class A

Southwestern A boys

Southwestern A girls

Northwestern A boys

Northwestern A girls

Note: Eastern A and Central A do not hold district tournaments.

Class B

Northern B

District 1B boys

District 1B girls

District 2B boys

District 2B girls

Southern B

District 3B boys

District 3B girls

District 4B boys

District 4B girls

District 5B boys

District 5B girls

Western B

Note: Districts 6B and 7B do not hold district tournaments.

Class C

Eastern C

District 2C boys

District 2C girls

District 3C boys

District 3C girls

Southern C

District 4C boys

District 4C girls

District 6C boys and girls

Northern C

District 8C boys

District 8C girls

District 9C boys

District 9C girls

District 10C boys and girls

Western C

District 11C boys

District 11C girls

District 12C boys

District 12C girls

District 13C boys

District 13C girls

District 14C boys

District 14C girls