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2018 district volleyball brackets (PDFs)

Posted at 12:55 PM, Oct 23, 2018

The 2018 district volleyball tournaments begin as early as Wednesday, with Class A, B and C teams taking the courts to determine divisional tournament berths this weekend. Downloadable and printable PDFs of the brackets are available below. For updated scores and pairings, please click here.

Class A

Western A

Southwestern A

Northwestern A

Eastern A

The Eastern A and Central A districts do not hold district tournaments.

Class B

Northern B

District 1B

District 2B

Southern B

District 3B

District 4B

District 5B

Western B

Districts 6B and 7B do not hold district tournaments.

Class C

Eastern C

District 1C

District 2C

District 3C

Southern C

District 4C

District 5C

Northern C

District 6C-East

District 6C-West

District 7C

Western C

District 11C

District 12C

District 13C

District 14C