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Great Falls CMR to induct 29 members into inaugural Legendary Rustler Hall of Fame

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Posted at 5:08 PM, Sep 27, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-29 16:08:36-04

GREAT FALLS — Great Falls CMR made renovations to its fieldhouse over the course of the summer, and they have been completed just in time for the new Legendary Rustler Hall of Fame.

The original plan was to simply revamp and clean up the the current hall of fame walls and organize things a little better to make it more visually appealing to they eye, but ideas began to spark and big donations paved the way for bigger renovations.

“John Cislo said we need a digital hall of fame so that turns into us having a digital hall of fame,” said hall of fame committee member Brian Crosby. “I kind of mentioned to Mr. Achenbach that it would be cool if we had a video board for kids to make projects and stuff like that. It really just blossomed from, 'Let’s give it a face lift,' to, 'Let’s completely redo the thing and make it look amazing.'”

The new Legendary Rustler Hall of Fame has different qualifications than the current standard hall of fame. The one that has been around honors all athletes that have made an all-state team in their respective sport, but the new hall of fame honors the more unique athletes and personnel.

“The legendary Rustlers are people who have accomplished things above and beyond — professional athletes, hall of fame, Olympics or national team sport — and we also have a special group of contributors that have made CMR a better place," Crosby said.

The legendary Rustlers will be celebrated throughout the homecoming week, but the induction ceremony will take place in the renovated field house on Oct. 7 at 1 p.m. The honorees consist of 29 individuals that can be found below.

Legendary Rustlers
Barry Darrow – Athletics
Bill Sandaker – Contributor
Bob Woolf – Athletics
Brock Sunderland – Athletics
Craig Dickenson – Athletics
Daryl Wilkerson – Athletics
Dave Dickenson – Athletics
Denise Pidcock – Athletics
Don Kenczka – Contributor
Fred Paoli – Athletics
Jack Johnson – Athletics
Jeff Hansen – Athletics
Jesse Kruse – Athletics
Jim Kalafat – Athletics
John Leister – Athletics
Jon Knutson – Athletics
Josh Huestis – Athletics
Julianne Vasichek – Athletics
Lindsey Gustafson – Athletics
Lynda Morin – Contributor
Mike McLean – Athletics
Pat O’Connell – Contributor
Pat Taylor – Athletics
Scott Davis – Athletics
Todd Foster – Athletics
Tony Hinz – Athletics
Turk Lords – Athletics
Tyler Graham – Athletics
Velma Jordan - Contributor