Pimperton sisters building bright future for Providence and Belt

Posted at 6:08 PM, Jan 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-25 18:55:37-05

GREAT FALLS – Injuries on the University of Providence women’s basketball team have changed up the lineups a bit these past couple weeks. One sophomore that’s gotten a lot of playing time lately and is now starting for the ranked Argos is Belt’s Kerstyn Pimperton, who was ready to roll when called upon.

“It’s been good, coach Bill (Himmelberg) always talks about anything can happen on any given day so just be ready to go and so, that moment happened for me,” said Pimperton. “I was a little nervous, but once I started playing more, it all came back.”

“I’m really proud of Kerstyn and how she’s come along. She’s come a long way since she first came in as a freshman. She’s been playing confident and she’s been able to shoot the basketball,” said Providence head coach Bill Himmelberg. “The thing I’m most impressed about is her defense, she’s become a great defender for us. She can get out there and defend a lot of different people and gets rebounds and does a nice job there.”

Just about 25 minutes east down U.S. Highway 87, you can find the younger Pimperton sister in action, as Kolby is one of the key cogs in the Belt Huskies machine this season, and the team once again currently sits atop District 8C.

“We work as a team really well this year. We pass the ball around. None of us are selfish, we share the ball, it’s fun,” said Kolby Pimperton, a junior.

“Kolby is very smart, she knows where everybody is supposed to be. She can direct traffic, she helps me game plan, she does things like that,” said Belt head coach Jeff Graham. “We lost four starting seniors from last year, and I think Kolby has had to become more vocal than normally she’d like to be. I think it’s helped her in that regard, is having her step up to replace those four seniors.”

There are actually three Pimperton sisters that have played through Belt. Alyssa Pimperton played for the Huskies around 10 years ago.The two younger sisters were teammates for one season at Belt — Kerstyn’s senior year and Kolby’s freshman season. Belt won the program’s sixth state title that season.

“That was crazy. I got to score the final point. (Kerstyn) was in the whole game, having us together on the court is always fun. We got to end the game together,” said Kolby Pimperton.

“It was pretty fun, being able to practice and play with her was a lot of fun,” said Kerstyn Pimperton. “Actually, I miss it. But we were able to get a lot of pictures together, she’s still taller.”

Speaking of height, that’s one subject that keeps popping up in this sibling rivalry. Both sisters share knowledge with one another to try to help improve the other’s game and both respect one another’s skills, but not without bringing up who was taller.

“(Kerstyn) is really aggressive on defense, I think. She works hard, she’s small,” said Kolby Pimperton.

“I’m probably a better shooter, as much as (Kolby) doesn’t want to say that, but she’s a lot taller and lengthier, so it’s easier for her to get to the basket. She sees the floor good, as well,” said Kerstyn Pimperton.

All jokes aside, Kerstyn and Kolby Pimperton are helping to build something at Providence and Belt, meaning the Pimperton name won’t be forgotten in the Treasure State anytime soon.