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Gallatin County to limit fans at high school sporting events

Posted at 1:50 PM, Aug 25, 2020

Fans will be allowed at high school sporting events in Gallatin County.

“We just finished up meeting with county health, they gave us recommendations for athletics in Gallatin County," said Gallatin and Bozeman High athletic director Mark Ator. "The recommendation was two people per event for each player dressed out. Bozeman administration is going to go with that recommendation. Now, we will take a look at everything every couple of weeks. What that means for Gallatin County athletes is that two people per each athlete and coach dressed out and ... when Gallatin and Bozeman play and when either one of them play Belgrade, there will be visitors. Otherwise, there’ll be no visitors from either teams."

That goes for every fall sport, and also the county health department is allowing many more athletes on the field than what was expected.

"The other thing that was really good is that that county health is going to allow us to have 60 people on each sideline, so we do not have to limit our football team for instance, so we’re excited about that," Ator said. "They will allow cheerleaders also, it is a (Montana High School Association) activity and they're going to allow cheerleaders as long as social distancing takes place."

Ator is just happy that with all that is going on, parents can watch their kids play.

"The first thing we got taken care of is we got games for the kids," he said. "Now, at least in Gallatin County, those parents can attend the games. They’ve been very supportive of their kids in athletics through the years. I’ve been hearing of parents of every sport at both schools and they just really wanted a chance to see their kids play, it’s very important to them. I’m glad that county health was able to work with us and get that done."

Fans will be asked to socially distance, and masks will be required.

“Sit in your family units six feet apart wearing masks, which, you know, in our stadium there’s plenty of room to do that," Ator said.