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Wibaux guys leading Blue team into 6-Man all-star game

Posted at 5:13 PM, May 29, 2019

CUSTER — After being a powerhouse in the 8-Man football ranks for years, Wibaux found success at the 6-Man level this past season, going undefeated en route to a state title.

Head coach Craig Lunde was rewarded with being named the head coach of the Blue team for this weekend’s 6-Man all-star game.

“It was a process. The kids took to it pretty easily,” Lunde said. “It took a little bit longer for me, I’m still adjusting there. The kids really took off on it. It’s been a fairly smooth process. We still use a lot of our 8-Man stuff.”

Lunde will have some familiar faces alongside him during the all-star leading up to Saturday’s game, as he’s bringing along three players from his championship team in Chance Larson, Cobe Begger and Cade Dschaak. The guys from Wibaux, though, don’t mind taking a backseat during all-star weekend.

“By no means. We aren’t going to try to overpower what anyone else wants to do, but also in our minds we’ve got a system that works, and it worked real well for us this year,” Dschaak said. “We might try to implement a good portion of it onto the team.”

If Dschaak gets his wish, the Blue team, with representatives from the East and West, could find itself on the winning end on Saturday night.

“They seem like a good bunch of guys, just like everyone else,” Dschaak said. “Of course, I know our guys from the East a little bit more, but there’s nothing wrong with the group of guys we got. They’re a great bunch of kids and I think they fit in real well.”

“A lot of these kids, this will be the last football game that they do play, so we want them to enjoy as much as they can. Of course, the big enjoyment would be the W at the end,” Lunde said.

Kickoff for this year’s 6-Man all-star game is slated for 7:10 p.m. on Saturday in Custer. For complete rosters for the game, please click here.