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Anaconda school board votes against potential co-op with Butte Central

Posted at 9:52 PM, Jan 16, 2019

BUTTE – In only the second week of open discussions about the potential co-op of football programs between Butte Central and Anaconda, school board and community members in Anaconda have made up their minds. Anaconda will not discuss anymore co-op possibilities with Butte Central and will remain a solo program competing in Class B for the upcoming fall 2019 season.

The Anaconda school board voted against the potential co-op, 5-1.

It was a mixed room again in Wednesday night’s discussion, but a majority of the Anaconda community and school board echoed a clear and similar message: that they are willing to give it a shot on their own for another year.

In doing so, they want the whole Anaconda community to rally around this decision and change the culture that has been permeating through the Copperhead community. The numbers of expected football participants has risen in Anaconda — and in Butte Central, as well — leading to Anaconda’s decision on staying as its own program.