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Giant tumor doesn’t stop Baker QB Luke Gonsioroski

Posted at 2:51 PM, Oct 14, 2016
and last updated 2018-08-01 16:54:10-04
(Photo courtesy Gonsioroski family)

BAKER – It’s always loud in these stands. Baker Spartan fans are some of the best across Montana.

But the night of Sept. 2, cheers could practically be heard in every corner of the Treasure State, when Luke Gonsioroski ran onto this field just six months after everyone questioned whether it would happen ever again.

“Looking back on it, it’s one of those things where it’s like, ‘Did that actually happen?’” Gonsioroski told MTN Sports. “When you think about it, it’s kind of a big deal looking back. But when you were in it, it’s kind of like get the steps and get it over with.”

His mother, Katina, remembers a moment in particular when Luke’s family wondered how recovery might – or might not – play out.
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“One time during his chemo treatments, when he was extremely sick, weak, tired, pale, bald, we were coming home and he said, ‘I want to stop at the track. I want to go to the football field. I want to throw the football and I want to see if I can still run.’ And so, he ran the 100-meter dash, and he crumpled at the end,” Katina recalled. “And I remember fighting that feeling of, you know, I mean what if he doesn’t, what if it’s his senior year and he’s not back out here?”

There was too much light at the end of the tunnel for Luke to doubt his recovery.

“I was super grateful to be playing again, and again it was, like you said, you take a moment and say, ‘Gosh, that’s pretty sweet,’ but once you take the moment, you’re like, ‘Let’s play football,’” Luke said.

It’s all Gonsioroski has wanted to do since he was old enough to grip the laces.

Tuesday on Q2 we’ll update the incredible full story of how this small-town athlete beat the odds to keep his dream alive.