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Family competition helps Bozeman Gallatin's Lloyd siblings excel at golf

Family competition helps Gallatin Raptors Lloyd siblings excel at golf
Posted at 2:54 PM, Sep 22, 2021

BOZEMAN — If you find one Lloyd sibling at a golf course, you can normally find the other.

“They’re very interested in how one another performs each time," said Bozema Gallatin head coach Matt Clark. "They’re very supportive of one another. They seem to get along really well -- a lot of smiles and laughter. It’s a good relationship.”

Ramey Lloyd is a senior at Gallatin and his sister Addiley is a junior. During the summer the two golfers practice together nearly everyday, whether it be playing 18 holes or a competitive game of chipping.

“We’re good friends," said Addiley. "Which is not very common, I feel like. We go out and spend time together all summer because it’s somebody to go play with and it’s more fun to play with somebody than by yourself.”

Sometimes their dad, Hunter, joins in with them and a lot is on the line for the winner.

“It will be like who gets to pick dinner out -- what’s for dinner or who has to do dishes,” Addiley said.

An amateur competitor, Hunter sparked their love for the sport. Addiley only picked up competitive golf a few years ago, but Ramey has been playing since he was a toddler. However, both have pictures of themselves at young age with a plastic golf set.

“He still beats me every now and then, but I consistently beat him now," said Ramey. "It was a few years ago I beat him for the first time.”

Last week at the Bozeman Golf Invitational, both Lloyds were in position to take home first place. However, Addiley lost in a tie-breaker on the girls side, but it was their first time being at the top for a high school invite.

“I was proud of him because he’s been working very hard this season," said Addiley. "It’s so impressive to see him win because the boys side is so competitive as well.”

”I was proud," said Ramey. "She did really well. She played a great tournament. Unfortunately, she couldn’t pull through, but I was really happy for her.”

Both of them are in this position thanks to each other. Ramey has shown Addiley the commitment it takes to be a top competitor. While Addiley has helped Ramey have more perspective on the game to keep a level head. Both players have the same swing coach, so when he is not around, they can help each other out.

“Just watching him play because of his talent," Addiley said on how Ramey makes her better. "He has such a good swing too. Just watching it helps try and be like him kind of.”

“It’s a lot of fun to be able to see her grow so fast," Ramey said. "I remember when my scores started dropping down into the numbers I wanted to be at. It was just really fun to see me do it and now it’s a lot of fun to see her do it too.”

Now, these two will be competing for a state championship next week in Bozeman, and then Ramey is off to play golf in college somewhere. No matter where he goes, the Lloyds' plan to always play golf with each other.

“It’s really fun. It’s like a built-in friend and he can’t get rid of you. You’re friends forever I guess,” Addiley said.