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Ennis duo reunites after 10 years apart

Posted at 6:30 PM, Feb 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-08 11:21:31-05

ENNIS — Everyone has friendships that are extremely unique. Long term, long distance, childhood friends, adults, it doesn’t matter. And for two friends in Ennis, time knows no bounds.

It all started when Trevor Swanson and Clay Coffman were kids.

“I think it was like tee ball and our parents kind of brought us together,” Trevor Swanson said. “I think my mom told me a story that the first time we met, Clay was really scared to come over, so his mom had to come with him, so I don’t remember. It just kind of felt like we’ve been friends since then.”

But then, Swanson moved away in second grade.

“We always stayed in touch, because our families were pretty close and always sent Christmas cards and kind of texts every once in awhile,” he added.

And with Trevor and his family hundreds of miles away in Walla Walla, Washington, Coffman realized their time together was in the past.

“Definitely, probably like fourth or fifth grade was when I really started figuring out like, wow, that was my best friend and I probably won’t ever see him again, maybe a couple times. That was it,” Coffman said.

But almost ten years later, something incredible happened. Trevor Swanson moved back home.

“I was probably the last one to know, like my mom told me and I went and told a bunch of people and they all said they’d known for a couple months, so I was like, what the heck,” Coffman joked.

And it was like almost no time had passed.

“When they got together, it was like they were instantly best friends again,” head football coach and athletic director Chris Hess said.

“It was just a cool, positive thing for us and the team having instant chemistry between them,” he finished.

The team he was talking about was on the football field, and that chemistry carried over to the hardwood, as well.

“We have the same thoughts, so we kind of get the team going and get them together, get the same idea through,” Swanson said.

But how do you describe a moment like this?

“It really did almost seem like something from a movie for a bit, like, best friend moves back for the last year,” Coffman started. “Hopefully we can reconnect and still be friends once we graduate and stuff. I think if we can do it after ten years, we can do it anytime.”