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Billings Central sophomore swimmer Daniel Apostol at peace in the pool

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Posted at 6:35 PM, Jan 31, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-31 21:24:17-05

Billings Central sophomore Daniel Apostol is one of the top swimmers in Class A.

Apostol gave several other sports a shot when he was younger, but it was in the pool he found himself most comfortable.

“I had been doing soccer and t-ball when I was younger, so I tried swimming and I figured out I liked it and I was kind of good at it. And it was fun," Apostol said.

Apostol’s swimming exploits have taken him all over the country, swimming in places like the east coast in the Carolinas, to Phoenix and the west coast in California. He says he also prefers swimming in a pool rather than free swimming in large bodies of water.

“I don't like the waves and I always swallow water so I can't breath. It gets annoying when I have to pick my head up and everything when I'm swimming," Apostol said.

Swimming is something Apostol can do year-round, but what kinds of other activities does he take part in to burn some stress outside of the pool?

“I like to go biking a lot. It's fun. Without music, too, it's nice and quiet. It's kind of like an escape from swimming, just something different," Apostol said. "It's weird actually. I'm so used to the loud noises, splashing in the water, then I'm biking and it's nothing around me. It's fun, though."

Apostol will take aim at some state swimming gold up in Great Falls next weekend.