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Missoula Loyola gets sendoff before both teams head to state

Posted at 9:54 PM, Mar 05, 2019

MISSOULA – Both Missoula Loyola basketball teams had longer roads to state, having to play challenge games to sneak into the State B boys and girls tournaments.

Tuesday over at Saint Joseph’s Elementary School in Missoula, the entire Missoula Catholic Schools had a rally for the teams before they headed to Belgrade.

Both the Rams and Breakers say the support from the community had them ready to head to state with a winning attitude.

“Of course it gets you excited. When you have more fans it’s just the better it is,” Rams senior Cooper Waters said. “It’s pretty awesome, like the community that we have here at Missoula Catholic schools. Just to be able to know that everyone from kindergarten through 12th grade is supporting us through state.”

“I thought it was really cool, it made us feel really good and welcomed. Just how our community is always there for us. I think we’re feeling really good. Obviously, we’re a really young team but we’re really excited for the experience,” said sophomore Kelsey Esh.