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Montana teams battle to find out who is King of the Hill

Posted at 11:07 PM, Jun 09, 2018

CHURCHILL – Teams traveled from all over Montana to Manhattan Christian’s Event Center on Saturday to compete in the King of the Hill basketball tournament. From Scobey to Fairfield to Stevensville and everywhere between, 27 teams took to the floor for the first time since the high school basketball season ended in March.

Gallatain Valley Cougars head coach Mecklen Davis says that the summer ball allows the players to get experience competing against different teams that they would never see during the season.

“It just allows you to see where you’re at, it allows you to compete,” said Davis.

And Davis, who played for Montana State under then-head coach Brad Huse, knows these tournaments are what the players most look forward to.

“I love tournaments like this. I remember when I played in high school, we looked forward to this, almost more than the actual tournaments during the school year, because you can travel together, stay in hotels, see different teams that you would never actually play,” Davis said. “So this is awesome. It’s just the old saying, ‘Iron sharpens iron,’ and that’s what kids are doing out here, just getting better and making each other better.”