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Missoula Big Sky softball enters Brian Bessette era

Posted at 9:04 PM, Mar 30, 2018

MISSOULA — High school softball season is right around the corner and the Missoula Big Sky team has a new leader this year, after Dennis Staves led the team for 15 years.

New head coach Brian Bessette leads the Eagles into the upcoming season, after Big Sky finished last year with a 13-14-1 record, which ranked eighth in the state.

Bessette helped out with the team last year and says it is an honor to take over for such a great coach. The team is lacking numbers and age with only four seniors, but Bessette says he is just looking forward to getting on the field and growing as a team.

“I’m excited to improve every week. You know, the weather gets better every week as well. The more we can be outside, the better the kids can get and try some defensive combinations and just getting some games under our belt. Getting those innings in, getting outside playing ball and improving every week, that’s our goal,” said Bessette.