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District 3B announces all-conference, all-state teams; Colstrip leads the way

Posted at 10:16 AM, Mar 14, 2018

Class B runner-up Colstrip placed three athletes on the girls basketball all-state team, according to the District 3B postseason honors released on Tuesday.

Amaya LaFranier, Shelby Jordan and Sossity SpottedWolf each earned first-team District 3B honors, as well as all-state recognition. The trio combined for 29 points in Saturday’s 57-48 defeat to Three Forks in the State B championship game.

Lame Deer’s Cheyanna One Bear was also an all-state selection from the league. Kaelene Spang of St. Labre and Lindsey Hein of Forsyth rounded out the first-team honors in the conference.

The Colstrip boys also placed three on the all-conference team, including all-state selection Isaiah Williams. He was joined by teammates Joel McRae and Kobee BigBack on the 3B all-conference team.

Lame Deer and Forsyth standouts Michael Weaselbear and Caleb Knoche were all-state selections, while also recognized on the all-conference squad. St. Labre’s Tameron MedicineBull was the final first-team all-conference honoree.

The complete list of District 3B all-conference and all-state selections can be found below.

Girls basketball

* indicates all-state selection

First team

*Amaya LaFranier, Colstrip
*Shelby Jordan, Colstrip
*Sossity SpottedWolf, Colstrip
*Cheyanna One Bear, Lame Deer
Kaelene Spang, St. Labre
Lindsey Hein, Forsyth

Second team

Carlin Gillespie, Colstrip
Madison Reddick, Baker
Jordan Cookman, Forsyth
Madison Bighorn, St. Labre
Trinity Lewandowski, Colstrip
Priscilla Flatmouth, St. Labre

Boys basketball

* indicates all-state selection

*Isaiah Williams, Colstrip
*Michael Weaselbear, Lame Deer
*Caleb Knoche, Forsyth
Joel McRae, Colstrip
Tameron MedicineBull, St. Labre
Kobee BigBack, Colstrip

Second team

Mylon Blacksmith, Lodge Grass
Jon Weimer, Baker
Cade Johnstone, Forsyth
Payton Means, Colstrip
Elijah Rogers, Lodge Grass
Paul Johnstone, Forsyth