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Northern C announces all-conference, all-state teams

Posted at 12:39 PM, Mar 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-05 16:36:07-04

The state champion Box Elder Bears placed three girls on the Northern C all-state girls basketball team, which was released Tuesday.

Junior Lillian Gopher, senior Cecilia Vielle and sophomore Joelnell Momberg earned all-state honors for Box Elder, which won the program’s first State C girls championship since 1998. Bears coach Joel Rosette was named District 9C’s coach of the year, and Maddie Wolf Chief was a second-team all-conference choice.

Winnett-Grass Range, which defeated Box Elder for the Northern C divisional title and lost to the Bears in the state championship, had three players earn all-state recognition: Sydney Browning, Piper Johnson and Taylor Stahl. The Rams also placed Brynn Jolma on the District 8C all-conference second team.

Heart Butte and Belt represented the Northern C at the boys state tournament. Warriors Riley Spoonhunter and Shylon Spoonhunter and Husky Keagan Stroope were named to the all-state team.

The Northern C’s full all-conference and all-state selections are below.

* Indicates all-state

District 8C boys basketball all-conference teams

First team

Rhet Woodhall, sr., Denton-Geyser-Stanford*
Keagan Stroop, sr., Belt*
Kordell Carpenter, sr., Denton-Geyser-Stanford*
Riley Donaldson, sr., Denton-Geyser-Stanford*
Cameron Wollman, sr., Winnett-Grass Range*

Second team

Carson McGinness, so., Centerville
Zane Stahl, jr., Winnett-Grass Range
Justin Stulc, fr., Roy-Winifred
Troy Hennes, sr., Belt
Mavrick McKinlay, jr., Geraldine-Highwood

Honorable mention

Caleb Hess, jr., Winnett-Grass Range
Brady Duvall, jr., Geraldine-Highwood
Trey Heitzman, sr., Belt
Tyler Fordyce, so., Roy-Winifred

District 9C boys basketball all-conference teams

First team

Isaac Bell, jr., Chinook*
Dylan Miller, sr., North Star*
Garett Diekhans, so., Fort Benton*
Cord Schneider, jr., Chinook*
Chance Main, sr., Hays-Lodge Pole
Cody Welch, jr., Turner
Devon Miller, sr., North Star
Eddie Harmon, sr., Turner
Riley Kellam, jr., Chinook

Second team

David Main, sr., Hays-Lodge Pole
Andy Giles, sr., Fort Benton
Caden Rettig, so., North Star
Brendan Edwards, jr., Chinook
Hayden Diekhans, fr., Fort Benton
Ryan Roth, so., Big Sandy
Tyler Wanken, jr., Chester-Joplin-Inverness

Coach of the year: Mike Seymour, Chinook

District 10C boys basketball all-conference teams

First team

Riley Spoonhunter, so., Heart Butte*
Treyton Pickering, sr., Sunburst*
Dominik Dunk, sr., Power*
Noah Ambuehl, jr., Great Falls Central*
Shylon Spoonhunter, sr., Heart Butte*
Korbin Sheldon, sr., Simms
Michael Buckley, jr., Sunburst
Koltin Christiaens, sr., Valier
Aaron Infanger, sr., Dutton-Brady

Second team

Calder Ludvigson, sr., Cascade
Colten Curry, sr., Valier
Ethan Vincent, jr., Great Falls Central
Shaun Cunnington, sr., Power
Victor Estabanez, jr., Augusta
Wyatt Walters, jr., Great Falls Central
Isaiah ArrowTopKnot, sr., Heart Butte
Austin Stoltz, sr., Valier
Isaac Armstrong, jr., Great Falls Central

Coach of the year: Kellen Hall, Heart Butte

District 8C girls basketball all-conference teams

First team

Dani Urick, sr., Belt*
Piper Johnson, sr., Winnett-Grass Range*
Taylor Stahl, sr., Winnett-Grass Range*
Dyauni Boyce, so., Roy-Winifred*
Brianna Bergum, jr., Hobson-Moore-Judith Gap*

Second team

Sydney Browning, jr., Winnett-Grass Range*
Morgan Cooper, jr., Belt*
Brynn Jolma, jr., Winnett-Grass Range
Chloe Derks, jr., Hobson-Moore-Judith Gap
Olivia Geer, so., Roy-Winifred

Honorable mention

Brietta Boyce, sr., Roy-Winifred
Ryan Schraner, sr., Belt
Jackie Long, jr., Geraldine-Highwood
Adrian Malek, sr., Belt

District 9C girls basketball all-conference teams

First team

Cecilia Vielle, sr., Box Elder*
Lillian Gopher, jr., Box Elder*
Leah Gannon, jr., Fort Benton*
Aspen Giese, fr., Fort Benton*
Paij Peterson, jr., North Star
Joelnell Momberg, so., Box Elder*
Kendahl Knapton, sr., Chester-Joplin-Inverness
Sarah Billmayer, so. Turner

Second team

Maddie Wolf Chief, jr., Box Elder
Madison Thompson, sr., Fort Benton
McKenzie Clark, so., Fort Benton
Sierra Swank, sr., Chinook
Korrin Harmon, sr., Chester-Joplin-Inverness
Shyan Krass, fr., Turner
Mulleeah Stiffarm, so., Hays-Lodge Pole
Katelyn Hansen, sr., North Star

Coach of the year: Joel Rosette, Box Elder

District 10C girls basketball all-conference teams

First team

Janessa Willekes, so., Simms*
Bryn Anderson, sr., Great Falls Central Catholic*
Jessie Maruska, jr., Power
Chaislin Kipp, jr., Heart Butte
Taylor Jones, jr., Simms
Sydney Hill, jr., Great Falls Central
Raija Buley, sr., Cascade
Grace Weber, jr., Dutton-Brady
Kaicey Oliver, sr., Cascade

Second team

Teia Lackner, jr., Valier
Hope Smelser, jr., Power
Hattie Fauque, jr., Great Falls Central
Madi Cicon, jr., Simms
Elyssa Willekes, jr., Simms
Kinlee Salois, sr., Valier
Chalissa Kipp, fr., Heart Butte
Tasha Reeve, sr., Dutton-Brady
Georgia Mortag, jr., Cascade

Coach of the year: Truitt Kinna, Simms