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Eastern C all-state, District 2C all-conference teams unveiled

Posted at 1:08 PM, Mar 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-05 16:36:07-04

After a third-place finish at the State C girls basketball tournament, Froid-Lake placed two athletes on the all-state team.

Senior Morgan Mason and junior Mackenzie Dethman earned all-state and District 2C first-team all-conference honors for the Redhawks, who also placed freshman Sydney Dethman and senior Tawnee Robertson on the all-conference second team.

Savage’s Soda Rice and Kiana Miller, Plentywood’s Hallie Wangerin, Fairview’s Torrie Hurley, Scobey’s Kortney Nelson and Lustre Christian’s Sadie Brown also earned Eastern C all-state recognition.

Scobey, which placed third at the State C boys tournament, had three players on the Eastern C’s all-state team: CJ Nelson, Riley Linder and Caden Handran.

Bruce Carter of Westby-Grenora, Owen Nelson of Savage, Trace Simonson of Saco-Whitewater-Hinsdale, Jayson Jackson of Frazer, and Carson Cayko and Alex Schriver of Fairview were also named all-state players.

The Eastern C’s complete all-state teams are below, as well as District 2C’s all-conference teams. District 3C has yet to provide all-conference teams.

Eastern C boys basketball

* Indicates all-state

District 2C

Alex Schriver, so., Fairview*
Davey Winn, sr., Bainville
Bryce Osksa, jr., Plentywood
Owen Nelson, sr., Savage*
Bruce Carter, sr., Westby-Grenora*
Carson Cayko, jr., Fairview*
Seth Prevost, jr., Richey-Lambert
Jaxson Pedersen, jr., Plentywood
Jack Solberg, so., Westby-Grenora
Cody Asbeck, so., Fairview

Second team

Josh Herron, so., Fairview
Darian Holecek, fr., Westby-Grenora
Tanner Lien, sr., Savage
Sloan McPherson, fr., Savage
Eli Williams, so., Culbertson
Kyler Brown, jr., Richey-Lambert
Nick Moore, sr., Savage
Tyson Flickinger, so., Plentywood
Hunter Bowker, sr., Bainville
Nate Harris, sr., Plentywood

District 3C

(All-conference teams not yet provided)

Trace Simonson, sr., Saco-Whitewater-Hinsdale*
Jayson Jackson, sr., Frazer*
CJ Nelson, sr., Scobey*
Riley Linder, sr., Scobey*
Caden Handran, fr., Scobey*

Eastern C girls basketball

District 2C

First team

Hallie Wangerin, sr., Plentywood*
Jasmine Russell, sr., Plentywood
Morgan Mason, sr., Froid-Lake*
Mackenzie Dethman, jr., Froid-Lake*
Tyler Lien, jr., Savage
Kiana Miller, jr., Savage*
Soda Rice, jr., Savage*
Aubrey Picard, so., Bainville
Torrie Hurley, sr., Fairview*
Haley Olson, jr., Richey-Lambert

Second team

Brenna Osksa, jr., Plentywood
Sydney Dethman, fr., Froid-Lake
Tawnee Robertson, sr., Froid-Lake
Brynn Salsbury, sr., Savage
Bonny Krogedahl, jr., Bainville
Kinley Peterson, sr., Westby-Grenora
Jae Kloker, sr., Fairview
Jenna Rust, so., Westby-Grenora
Courtney Herman, so., Richey-Lambert
Elise Romo, sr., Bainville

District 3C

(All-conference teams not yet provided)

Kortney Nelson, so., Scobey*
Sadie Brown, jr., Lustre Christian*