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Southwest Montana All-Star basketball game rosters announced

Posted at 3:41 PM, Mar 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-05 16:38:31-04

(Editor’s Note: Southwest Montana High School Committee release)

BUTTE — Rosters for the 2018 Southwest Montana High School Basketball Classic, which will be played Tuesday, March 13, 2018, at the Montana Tech HPER, have been selected. A committee of sport writers, broadcasters, and media personnel selected the teams after receiving nominations from the coaches of participating schools.

According to Butte Chamber of Commerce Director Stephanie Sorini, the committee is excited about the caliber of players selected for the games. “We believe we have assembled some of the best high school players in the state,” she added. “We are very proud that Southwest Montana is represented by 6 state tournament teams. It’s going to be a great evening of basketball and a lot of fun for the fans.”

The event will begin at 6:00p.m. with a girls game, followed by a boys game at 7:30p.m. Games will include three-point contests at half-time. Half-time entertainment will feature performances by the Dynamic Dance & Tumbling Co. The Butte High School and Butte Central Bands will be in attendance, along with the cheer squads from Butte High School and Butte Central High School. This year’s games will also feature a 30 second shot clock and the college 3-point line will be used.

Tickets for the games will go on sale Monday, March 12, 2018, at the Butte Chamber of Commerce, 1000 George Street, and at 5:00p.m. at the Montana Tech HPER on game day. The game is sponsored by the Butte Chamber of Commerce Hospitality Committee.

Player information packets have been mailed to Activities Directors and are available to players.

Listed below are the coaching staffs for the game and attached is a list of the players selected for the 2018 event.

Coaching Staffs

Big Sky Boys
Chad Jonart – former Butte High player, former Butte High Boys’ Assistant and former Butte High Head coach. Current junior high coach.
Zach Bair – former Butte Central player and former Butte Central Assistant Coach.

Treasure State Boys
Torry Hill – former Anaconda Lady Copperhead player and member of State Championship Teams in 2008 & 2009, former University of Montana Lady Griz player, and current Florence High School Assistant Coach.
Rachel Wagner – former Anaconda Lady Copperhead player and member of the 2008 State Championship Team, current Anaconda Girls’ Assistant Coach.

Big Sky Girls
Chunky Thatcher – former Butte Central player, former Butte Central head coach.
John Thatcher – former Butte Central player, Western Montana player, former Butte Central Head Coach and former Butte High Head Coach.

Treasure State Girls
Carrie Heaphy – former Whitehall player, former Missoula Loyola Head Coach.
Brynne Kambich – former Butte Central player and member of the 2011 State Championship Team.


Treasure State girls
Sydnie Peterson​ Anaconda​ Sr.
Logan Stetzner​ Anaconda​ So.
Brynlee Fitzgerald​ Dillon​ Sr.
Paige Rouse​ Dillon​ Sr.
Kyndall Petersen​ Dillon​ Sr.
Allie Parke​ Drummond​ Jr.
Josee Hokanson​ Ennis​ Sr.​
Dasnyel Martin​ Ennis​ Sr.
Jourdain Klein​ Ennis​ Jr.
Darcy Walker​ Deer Lodge​ Sr.
Rachael Nicholson​ Deer Lodge​ Jr.
Ariel Clark​ Deer Lodge​ Jr.

Johannah Forsberg​ Anaconda
Lyndsey Seitzinger​ Anaconda
Hunter Hales​ Lima
Kamryn Scully​ Deer Lodge
Ryley Gray​ Deer Lodge
Rebekah Everest​ West Yellowstone

Big Sky girls
Kloie Thatcher​ Butte Central​ Sr.
Megan Michelotti​ Butte Central​ Sr.
Olivia Bolton​ Butte Central​ Sr.
Trisha Joyce​ Butte Central​ Jr.
Britt Tierney​ Butte​ Jr.
Aspen Lovshin​ Butte​ Jr.
Ally Cleverly​ Butte​ Jr.
Jaden Comings​ Granite Co.​ Sr.
Aubrey McMaster​ Jefferson​ Sr.
Kailee Oliverson​ Twin Bridges​ Sr.
ReyAnne Bendon​ Twin Bridges​ Sr.
Dorothy Mastell​ Whitehall​ So.

Kailee Murphy​ Butte Central
Hailey Herron ​ Butte
Kira Mortensen​ Butte
Aleena Bacon​ Harrison
Ellie Evertz​ Jefferson
Leah Vossler​ Jefferson
Clancy Phillips​ Twin Bridges
Michaela Madden​ Twin Bridges
Emma Grange​ Granite County

Treasure State boys
Braxton Hill​ Anaconda​ Sr.
Trent Mikalatos​ Anaconda​ Sr.
Michael Galle​ Anaconda​ So.
Clay Allison​ Dillon​ Sr.
Coby King​ Dillon​ Sr.
Jonah Parke​ Drummond​ Jr.
Luke Holland​ Drummond​ Jr.
Tanner Wood​ Ennis​ Jr.
Colton Grange​ Granite Co.​ Sr.
Derik DeFrantz​ Harrison​ Jr.
Josh Eckmann​ Jefferson​ Sr.
Dax Thornton​ Lima​ Sr.

Kylar Gochanour​ Anaconda
Jayce Fitzgerald​ Dillon
Kylie Allen​ Drummond
Colby Manley​ Drummond
Chris Funston​ Ennis
Lane Buus​ Harrison

Big Sky boys
Luke Heaphy​ Butte Central​ So.
Cade Holter​ Butte Central​ Jr.
Dylan Sestrich​ Butte Central​ Jr.
Aaron Richards​ Butte Central​ So.
Clay Ferguson​ Butte​ So.
Lathan Ricketts​ Butte​ Sr.
Dylan McDermid​ Deer Lodge​ Jr.
Bryce Nye​ Twin Bridges​ So.
Mac Hauck​ West Yellowstone​ So.
Nathan Morse​ West Yellowstone​ Jr.
Max Feight​ Whitehall​ Jr.
Wyatt Alexander​ Whitehall​ Jr.

Matt Simkins​ Butte Central
Trevyn Roth​ Butte
Kash Kelly​ Butte
Kale McCarthy​ Butte
Judd Applegate​ Deer Lodge
Greydon Nicholson​ Deer Lodge
Daniel Kruer​ Twin Bridges
Jake Hughes​ Twin Bridges
Nate Konen​ Twin Bridges
Tim Finney​ West Yellowstone
Danny Sullivan​ West Yellowstone