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List: Montana high school basketball 30-point club

Posted at 6:30 PM, Feb 05, 2018

There’s a new high scorer in Montana high school basketball this season.

Chinook’s Isaac Bell lit up the scoreboard for 51 points on Thursday evening, drilling eight 3-pointers in a win over Harlem. Bell broke a program record with the outing, and jumped to the top spot in the 2017-2018 single-game scoring mark. Arlee’s Philip Malatare scored 48 points against Seeley-Swan in December.

Max Feight of Whitehall and Braxton Hill of Anaconda each added 30-point outings to their impressive resumes in the Class B ranks. Feight’s 34 points paced the Trojans against Manhattan, while Hill, who continues to climb the all-time scoring list at Anaconda, netted 30 in a lopsided win over Florence.

Emma Flach and Kelsey Heidema dueled Friday night, scoring 64 combined points in Manhattan Christian’s win over Lone Peak. Flach totaled 34 points for the Bighorns, while Heidema scored 30 for the Eagles.

Each week, MTN Sports will update a list of the state’s “30-point club,” showcasing the performances of 30 points or more throughout the season.

The list below showcases some of the top-scoring performances of the season. Please encourage your coaches and administrators to send statistics to sports@ktvh.com at the conclusion of games. If a 30-point performance is missing from the list, please also send it to sports@ktvh.com.

Boys basketball
Isaac Bell, Chinook – 51 points vs. Harlem
Philip Malatare, Arlee – 48 points vs. Seeley-Swan
Max Feight, Whitehall – 45 points vs. Big Timber
Treyton Pickering, Sunburst – 45 points vs. Valier
Nathan Brown, Lincoln – 45 points vs. Alberton-Superior
Ryan Roth, Big Sandy – 43 points vs. Dutton-Brady
Davey Winn, Bainville – 43 points vs. Saco-Whitewater-Hinsdale
Matthew Amunrud, Manhattan Christian – 43 points vs. Absarokee
Braxton Hill, Anaconda – 42 points vs. Jefferson
Treyton Pickering, Sunburst – 42 points vs. Augusta
Braiden Jackson, Frazer – 41 points vs. Turner
Jaedon Lieberg, Helena Homeschool – 41 points vs. Heritage Christian School
Nathan Brown, Lincoln – 40 points vs. Victor
Trevor Herzog, Reed Point-Rapelje – 40 points vs. Plenty Coups
Caleb Knoche, Forsyth – 40 points vs. Lodge Grass
CJ Nelson, Scobey – 40 points vs. Glasgow
Nathan Brown, Lincoln – 40 points vs. White Sulphur Springs
TJ Lewis, Helena Christian – 39 points vs. Augusta
Jaedon Lieberg, Helena Homeschool – 38 points vs. Flathead Valley Homeschool
Brody Grebe, Melstone – 37 points vs. Bridger
Trace Simonson, Saco-Whitewater-Hinsdale – 37 points vs. Bainville
Sayer Patton, Choteau – 37 points vs. Centerville
Sayer Patton, Choteau – 37 points vs. Fairfield
Ben Weisner, Augusta – 37 points vs. Heart Butte
Carter Kearns, Hamilton – 37 points vs. Dillon
Philip Malatare, Arlee – 36 points vs. Rocky Boy
T.J. Reynolds, Shelby – 36 points vs. Rocky Boy
Danny Hoisington, Thompson Falls – 36 points vs. Anaconda
Sam Beagle, Missoula Sentinel – 36 points vs. Kalispell Glacier
Max Feight, Whitehall – 36 points vs. Gardiner
Treyton Pickering, Sunburst – 36 points vs. Heart Butte
Wacey McClure, St. Ignatius – 35 points vs. Box Elder
Josh Eckmann, Jefferson – 35 points vs. Manhattan
Anthony Camel, Ronan – 35 points vs. Columbia Falls
Danny Hoisington, Thompson Falls – 35 points vs. Missoula Loyola
Michael Weaselbear, Lame Deer – 35 points vs. Forsyth
Aaron White, Shelby – 35 points vs. Browning
Dylan Miller, North Star – 35 points vs. Hays-Lodgepole
Treyton Pickering, Sunburst – 35 points vs. Great Falls Central
Kale Gierke, Terry – 34 points vs. Saco-Whitewater-Hinsdale
Ryggs Johnston, Libby – 34 points vs. Stevensville
Chrishon Dixon, Billings Central – 34 points vs. Hardin
Danny Hoisington, Thompson Falls – 34 points vs. Deer Lodge
Sayer Patton, Choteau – 34 points vs. Rocky Boy
Dyllon McDermid, Deer Lodge – 34 points vs. St. Ignatius
Max Feight, Whitehall – 34 points vs. Manhattan
Jaedon Lieberg, Helena Homeschool – 34 points vs. Petra Academy
Sayer Patton, Choteau – 33 points vs. Townsend
Michael Weaselbear, Lame Deer – 33 points vs. Broadus
Cobe Begger, Wibaux – 33 points vs. Jordan
Trace Simonson, Saco-Whitewater-Hinsdale – 33 points vs. Glasgow
Dylan Parks, Darby – 33 points vs. Lincoln
Braxton Hill, Anaconda – 33 points vs. Thompson Falls
Michael Weaselbear, Lame Deer – 33 points vs. Baker
Brody Grebe, Melstone – 33 points vs. Terry
Tyson Petticrew, Charlo – 32 points vs. Valley Christian
Wyatt Alexander, Whitehall – 32 points vs. Manhattan Christian
Carson Lindseth, Foothills Christian – 32 points vs. Hobson-Moore-Judith Gap
Max Feight, Whitehall – 32 points vs. Ennis
Nathan Brown, Lincoln – 32 points vs. Darby
Dawson Fowler, Belgrade – 32 points vs. Dillon
Wyatt Walters, Great Falls Central – 32 points vs. Simms
Rollie Worster, Missoula Hellgate – 32 points vs. Missoula Big Sky
Colten Curry, Valier – 32 points vs. Augusta
Sayer Patton, Choteau – 32 points vs. Centerville
Trace Simonson, Saco-Whitewater-Hinsdale – 32 points vs. Nashua
Brandon Horton, Columbus – 32 points vs. Big Timber
Tanner Goligoski, Hamilton – 31 points vs. Corvallis
Dawson Allen, Fairfield – 31 points vs. Cut Bank
Danny Hoisington, Thompson Falls – 31 points vs. Florence
Dylan Miller, North Star – 31 points vs. Turner
Wacey McClure, St. Ignatius – 31 points vs. Troy
Braxton Hill, Anaconda – 31 points vs. Three Forks
Kordell Carpenter, Denton-Geyser-Stanford – 31 points vs. Hobson-Moore-Judith Gap
Michael Weaselbear, Lame Deer – 31 points vs. Red Lodge
Joaquin Pilcher, Absarokee – 31 points vs. Roberts
TJ Reynolds, Shelby – 31 points vs. Harlem
Cordell Small, Rocky Boy – 31 points vs. Shelby
Skyler Webberson, Victor – 31 points vs. Lincoln
Treyton Pickering, Sunburst – 31 points vs. Valier
Sayer Patton, Choteau – 31 points vs. Jefferson
Trevor Herzog, Reed Point-Rapelje – 31 points vs. Custer-Hysham
Noah Ambuehl, Great Falls Central – 31 points vs. Power
Lee Walburn, Whitefish – 31 points vs. Frenchtown
Riley Spoonhunter, Heart Butte – 31 points vs. Sunburst
Jaedon Lieberg, Helena Homeschool – 31 points vs. Helena Christian School
Nathan Brown, Lincoln – 31 points vs. Seeley-Swan
Cody Welsh, Turner – 30 points vs. Lustre Christian
Shylon Spoonhunter, Heart Butte – 30 points vs. Harlem
Korbin Sheldon, Simms – 30 points vs. Power
C. Lonebear, Dodson – 30 points vs. Turner
Tyler Johnson, Kalispell Flathead – 30 points vs. Whitefish
Caleb Hess, Winnett-Grass Range – 30 points vs. Roy-Winifred
Trent Mikalatos, Anaconda – 30 points vs. Missoula Loyola
Damon Sadler, Poplar – 30 points vs. Harlem
Ryggs Johnston, Libby – 30 points vs. Whitefish
Colter Zentner, Bridger – 30 points vs. Fromberg
Philip Malatare, Arlee – 30 points vs. Plains
Ryggs Johnston, Libby – 30 points vs. Troy
Payton Petersen, Lincoln – 30 points vs. Alberton-Superior
Braxton Hill, Anaconda – 30 points vs. Florence

Girls basketball
Imani Bighorn, Poplar – 40 points vs. Frazer
Jessie Maruska, Power – 38 points vs. Augusta
JeriLyn Dietz, Lincoln – 37 points vs. Victor
Olivia Moten-Schell, Billings Central – 36 points vs. Billings Skyview
Kenna Pitcher, Fairfield – 35 points vs. Rocky Boy
Alyssia Vanderburg, Arlee – 35 points vs. Two Eagle River
Laiten Lantis, Terry – 35 points vs. Jordan
Alyssia Vanderburg, Arlee – 35 points vs. St. Regis
RaeAnne Bendon, Twin Bridges – 34 points vs. West Yellowstone
Sydnie Peterson, Anaconda – 34 points vs. Thompson Falls
Emma Flach, Lone Peak – 34 points vs. Manhattan Christian
Mya FourStar, Frazer – 33 points vs. Highwood (18 in 2nd Q)
RaeAnne Bendon, Twin Bridges – 33 points vs. Ennis
Alyssia Vanderburg, Arlee – 33 points vs. Plains
Brynley Fitzgerald, Dillon – 32 points vs. Frenchtown
Casey Ehmann, Darby – 31 points vs. Lincoln
Tessa Burke, Missoula Loyola – 31 points vs. Shepherd
Allie Coldwell, Troy – 31 points vs. Thompson Falls
Sydney Prather, Big Timber – 31 points vs. Joliet
Isabel Evans, Corvallis – 30 points vs. Missoula Loyola
RaeAnne Bendon, Twin Bridges – 30 points vs. Jefferson
Aubrey McMaster, Jefferson – 30 points vs. Whitehall
Jaime Berg, Bigfork – 30 points vs. Anaconda
Hannah Wheeler, Bozeman – 30 points vs. Missoula Sentinel
Kailee Oliverson, Twin Bridges – 30 points vs. Lone Peak
Alyssia Vanderburg, Arlee – 31 points vs. St. Ignatius
Kola Bad Bear, Billings Senior – 30 points vs. Bozeman
Grace Weber, Dutton-Brady – 30 points vs. Sunburst
Mallorey Sheppard, Absarokee – 30 points vs. Broadview-Lavina
Kelsey Heidema, Manhattan Christian – 30 points vs. Lone Peak