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Jefferson Panthers top Whitehall for Southern B-C wrestling divisional

Posted at 6:59 PM, Feb 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-05 16:58:56-04

COLUMBUS — Jefferson High School scored 231 points to pull away from Whitehall and Townsend to win the Southern B-C divisional wrestling tournament on Saturday. The Trojans and Bulldogs compiled 189 and 165 points, respectively.

Cody St. Clair helped pace the Panthers, winning the 120-pound championship. St. Clair pinned Manhattan’s Porter Blanchard in 56 seconds. Eric Lufkin finished third in the bracket for Jefferson.

Jefferson picked up another champion at 138 pounds, as Jacob Travis earned a fall in 1:31 against Columbus-Absarokee’s Nate Goddard. Nate Brunett added a No. 1 finish for the Panthers, defeating Highwood’s Michael Ayers via fall in the 160-pound bracket.

Whitehall won the 205- and 285-pound championships, with Kayden Howser and Dawson Hoerauf each winning by pinfall. Connor Johnson added added a Trojans’ title at 132 pounds and Trentin Walker won at 113.

Townsend crowned five champions, the most in the tournament. Sam Lane took only 39 seconds to pin Whitehall’s Dawson Powers at 103 pounds, while Easton Held took an 8-4 decision over Cascade’s Josh Pepos in the 126-pound bracket.

Kameron Rauser (152 pounds), Kyle Spritzer (170) and Justin Denton (182) were the other medalists for the Bulldogs.

Wrestlers will compete in the state tournament next weekend in Billings. The wrestling begins Friday, Feb. 9 at Rimrock Auto Arena.

The complete results from the Southern B-C divisional can be found below.

Team results

Jefferson 231
Whitehall 189
Townsend 165
Columbus-Absarokee 154
Cascade 71
Great Falls Central 50
Belt 42
Anaconda 35
Manhattan 28
Three Forks 24
Highwood 20
Deer Lodge 19

Individual results

103 pounds
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Sam Lane of Broadwater (Townsend)
2nd Place – Dawson Powers of Whitehall
3rd Place – Dominick Davis of Jefferson (Boulder)
4th Place – Emma Brown of Jefferson (Boulder)
5th Place – Tjo Friis of Anaconda
6th Place – Acel Reynolds of Columbus / Absarokee
1st Place Match
Sam Lane (Broadwater (Townsend)) 29-10, Fr. over Dawson Powers (Whitehall) 20-13, . (Fall 0:39)
3rd Place Match
Dominick Davis (Jefferson (Boulder)) 16-13, Fr. over Emma Brown (Jefferson (Boulder)) 17-16, Fr. (Fall 4:11)
5th Place Match
Tjo Friis (Anaconda) 13-17, Jr. over Acel Reynolds (Columbus / Absarokee) 2-27, Fr. (Fall 3:53)

113 pounds
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Trentin Walker of Whitehall
2nd Place – Cameron Myre of Cascade
3rd Place – Michael Mitchell of Jefferson (Boulder)
4th Place – Gage McMillan of Whitehall
5th Place – Christian Davis of Jefferson (Boulder)
6th Place – John Ocenosak of Great Falls Central / Msdb
1st Place Match
Trentin Walker (Whitehall) 10-8, . over Cameron Myre (Cascade) 15-18, Fr. (Fall 3:44)
3rd Place Match
Michael Mitchell (Jefferson (Boulder)) 20-11, So. over Gage McMillan (Whitehall) 10-16, . (Fall 0:51)
5th Place Match
Christian Davis (Jefferson (Boulder)) 4-2, Fr. over John Ocenosak (Great Falls Central / Msdb) 11-24, Fr. (Fall 0:53)

120 pounds
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Cody St. Clair of Jefferson (Boulder)
2nd Place – Porter Blanchard of Manhattan
3rd Place – Eric Lufkin of Jefferson (Boulder)
4th Place – Peyton Baumgarnter of Columbus / Absarokee
5th Place – Dalten Denny of Whitehall
6th Place – Kade Edgerton of Broadwater (Townsend)
1st Place Match
Cody St. Clair (Jefferson (Boulder)) 31-10, So. over Porter Blanchard (Manhattan) 19-22, So. (Fall 0:56)
3rd Place Match
Eric Lufkin (Jefferson (Boulder)) 11-6, Jr. over Peyton Baumgarnter (Columbus / Absarokee) 29-24, Fr. (Inj. 0:00)
5th Place Match
Dalten Denny (Whitehall) 15-20, . over Kade Edgerton (Broadwater (Townsend)) 22-22, Jr. (Fall 0:14)

126 pounds
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Easton Held of Broadwater (Townsend)
2nd Place – Josh Pepos of Cascade
3rd Place – Mike Wilkinson of Whitehall
4th Place – Clay Haverland of Columbus / Absarokee
5th Place – Matthew Dollenger of Belt
6th Place – Eli Hauptman of Jefferson (Boulder)
1st Place Match
Easton Held (Broadwater (Townsend)) 39-4, So. over Josh Pepos (Cascade) 18-2, Sr. (Dec 8-4)
3rd Place Match
Mike Wilkinson (Whitehall) 22-16, . over Clay Haverland (Columbus / Absarokee) 29-18, Jr. (Fall 1:26)
5th Place Match
Matthew Dollenger (Belt) 18-16, Jr. over Eli Hauptman (Jefferson (Boulder)) 14-14, So. (Fall 1:54)

132 pounds
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Connor Johnson of Whitehall
2nd Place – Connor Goddard of Columbus / Absarokee
3rd Place – Brandon Wall of Belt
4th Place – Tanner Sayers of Three Forks
5th Place – CJ Srigley of Broadwater (Townsend)
6th Place – Brent Kelley of Columbus / Absarokee
1st Place Match
Connor Johnson (Whitehall) 32-6, . over Connor Goddard (Columbus / Absarokee) 34-8, Sr. (Dec 13-6)
3rd Place Match
Brandon Wall (Belt) 9-5, So. over Tanner Sayers (Three Forks) 27-20, Jr. (Fall 1:53)
5th Place Match
CJ Srigley (Broadwater (Townsend)) 19-17, So. over Brent Kelley (Columbus / Absarokee) 15-16, So. (Dec 10-4)

138 pounds
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Jacob Travis of Jefferson (Boulder)
2nd Place – Nate Goddard of Columbus / Absarokee
3rd Place – Dallen Hoover of Whitehall
4th Place – Eduardo Pantoja of Columbus / Absarokee
5th Place – Justin Bergstad of Broadwater (Townsend)
6th Place – Bryant Kotter of Three Forks
1st Place Match
Jacob Travis (Jefferson (Boulder)) 38-9, Sr. over Nate Goddard (Columbus / Absarokee) 37-11, Sr. (Fall 1:31)
3rd Place Match
Dallen Hoover (Whitehall) 30-16, . over Eduardo Pantoja (Columbus / Absarokee) 22-11, Sr. (Fall 4:53)
5th Place Match
Justin Bergstad (Broadwater (Townsend)) 23-19, So. over Bryant Kotter (Three Forks) 19-16, Jr. (Dec 14-8)

145 pounds
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Dylan Raihl of Columbus / Absarokee
2nd Place – Dylan Skocilich of Anaconda
3rd Place – Riley Forcella of Whitehall
4th Place – Kyle Evans of Cascade
5th Place – Ty Steele of Broadwater (Townsend)
6th Place – Forest Fairbanks of Manhattan
1st Place Match
Dylan Raihl (Columbus / Absarokee) 40-8, Jr. over Dylan Skocilich (Anaconda) 26-12, Jr. (Fall 5:45)
3rd Place Match
Riley Forcella (Whitehall) 19-9, . over Kyle Evans (Cascade) 26-16, Jr. (Fall 0:34)
5th Place Match
Ty Steele (Broadwater (Townsend)) 28-14, Fr. over Forest Fairbanks (Manhattan) 14-23, So. (Fall 0:51)

152 pounds
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Kameron Rauser of Broadwater (Townsend)
2nd Place – Dave DiAngelis of Cascade
3rd Place – Colton Getz of Columbus / Absarokee
4th Place – Nathaniel Hollar of Columbus / Absarokee
5th Place – Will Lane of Broadwater (Townsend)
6th Place – Trevor Thompson of Great Falls Central / Msdb
1st Place Match
Kameron Rauser (Broadwater (Townsend)) 34-3, Jr. over Dave DiAngelis (Cascade) 8-2, Sr. (Fall 3:30)
3rd Place Match
Colton Getz (Columbus / Absarokee) 37-15, Jr. over Nathaniel Hollar (Columbus / Absarokee) 28-15, Jr. (Fall 1:16)
5th Place Match
Will Lane (Broadwater (Townsend)) 20-10, So. over Trevor Thompson (Great Falls Central / Msdb) 10-22, So. (Fall 0:56)

160 pounds
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Nate Brunett of Jefferson (Boulder)
2nd Place – Michael Ayers of Highwood
3rd Place – Nolan Myrstol of Belt
4th Place – Nate Palmer of Columbus / Absarokee
5th Place – Teegan Shafer of Powell Co. (Deer Lodge)
6th Place – Noah Newman of Great Falls Central / Msdb
1st Place Match
Nate Brunett (Jefferson (Boulder)) 33-6, Sr. over Michael Ayers (Highwood) 18-13, Sr. (Fall 2:26)
3rd Place Match
Nolan Myrstol (Belt) 22-10, Sr. over Nate Palmer (Columbus / Absarokee) 23-19, Jr. (Fall 3:27)
5th Place Match
Teegan Shafer (Powell Co. (Deer Lodge)) 29-21, So. over Noah Newman (Great Falls Central / Msdb) 13-31, Sr. (Fall 2:36)

170 pounds
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Kyle Spritzer of Broadwater (Townsend)
2nd Place – Brett Hale of Jefferson (Boulder)
3rd Place – Asher Oliver of Jefferson (Boulder)
4th Place – Tyler Stevens of Great Falls Central / Msdb
5th Place – Keegan Goddard of Columbus / Absarokee
6th Place – Gaten Wassberg of Whitehall
1st Place Match
Kyle Spritzer (Broadwater (Townsend)) 30-8, Sr. over Brett Hale (Jefferson (Boulder)) 20-9, Sr. (Dec 13-6)
3rd Place Match
Asher Oliver (Jefferson (Boulder)) 22-8, Sr. over Tyler Stevens (Great Falls Central / Msdb) 23-16, Sr. (Fall 2:55)
5th Place Match
Keegan Goddard (Columbus / Absarokee) 3-3, So. over Gaten Wassberg (Whitehall) 24-21, . (Inj. 0:00)

182 pounds
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Justin Denton of Broadwater (Townsend)
2nd Place – Derek Nygaard of Jefferson (Boulder)
3rd Place – Drake Schake of Jefferson (Boulder)
4th Place – Malik Jones of Powell Co. (Deer Lodge)
5th Place – Tim Lopez of Great Falls Central / Msdb
6th Place – Jake Whaley of Anaconda
1st Place Match
Justin Denton (Broadwater (Townsend)) 33-11, Jr. over Derek Nygaard (Jefferson (Boulder)) 29-13, So. (Fall 3:38)
3rd Place Match
Drake Schake (Jefferson (Boulder)) 23-6, Jr. over Malik Jones (Powell Co. (Deer Lodge)) 26-21, So. (Fall 4:03)
5th Place Match
Tim Lopez (Great Falls Central / Msdb) 14-28, Jr. over Jake Whaley (Anaconda) 7-20, So. (Fall 4:33)

205 pounds
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Kayden Howser of Whitehall
2nd Place – Nick Workman of Jefferson (Boulder)
3rd Place – Jadon Lamb of Broadwater (Townsend)
4th Place – Dakota Dorn of Jefferson (Boulder)
5th Place – Preston Nitschke-Love of Great Falls Central / Msdb
6th Place – Tanner McLean of Anaconda
1st Place Match
Kayden Howser (Whitehall) 29-9, . over Nick Workman (Jefferson (Boulder)) 22-8, Sr. (Fall 5:10)
3rd Place Match
Jadon Lamb (Broadwater (Townsend)) 32-10, So. over Dakota Dorn (Jefferson (Boulder)) 25-16, So. (MD 11-2)
5th Place Match
Preston Nitschke-Love (Great Falls Central / Msdb) 10-26, Fr. over Tanner McLean (Anaconda) 2-13, Jr. (Dec 8-2)

285 pounds
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Dawson Hoerauf of Whitehall
2nd Place – Nathan Rasch of Jefferson (Boulder)
3rd Place – Trevor Yuhas of Great Falls Central / Msdb
4th Place – Ethan Hood of Columbus / Absarokee
5th Place – Tony Barrington of Anaconda
6th Place – Kole Chatriand of Broadwater (Townsend)
1st Place Match
Dawson Hoerauf (Whitehall) 27-5, . over Nathan Rasch (Jefferson (Boulder)) 25-11, Sr. (Fall 4:35)
3rd Place Match
Trevor Yuhas (Great Falls Central / Msdb) 26-16, Sr. over Ethan Hood (Columbus / Absarokee) 26-16, So. (Fall 0:49)
5th Place Match
Tony Barrington (Anaconda) 2-6, Sr. over Kole Chatriand (Broadwater (Townsend)) 1-6, So. (Fall 4:34)