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Boys basketball power polls: Missoula Sentinel new No. 1

Posted at 4:43 PM, Jan 21, 2018

High school boys basketball teams in Montana’s Class A, B and C continue to separate themselves at the top of the league standings, while programs in Class AA rotate wins and losses.

Missoula Sentinel is the only team in Class AA with a lone loss to its name, falling to Billings Senior clear back on Dec. 9. Meanwhile, this week saw previously top-ranked Bozeman fall to Great Falls CMR on Friday before the Hawks got back on track against Great Falls High the following day.

Hamilton and Hardin each kept their unbeaten seasons alive in Class A, while Bigfork and Colstrip did the same in Class B.

Arlee, Scobey, Melstone and Heart Butte, all undefeated, held their positions in Class C. No. 2 Manhattan Christian’s lone loss came against Class B Whitehall.

The MontanaSports.com boys basketball power polls are below. For the girls rankings, please click here.

(Editor’s note: an incorrect reported score previously mentioned Roundup losing to Shepherd this weekend, resulting in Roundup falling from the polls. With the correct score now reported, Roundup is back in the top five and Florence receives votes.)

Class AA

1. Missoula Sentinel (7-1)
2. Billings Senior (7-2)
3. Missoula Hellgate (5-3)
4. Bozeman (8-2)
5. Great Falls High (8-2)

Class A

1. Hamilton (13-0)
2. Hardin (10-0)
3. Livingston (9-2)
4. Billings Central (7-3)
5. Butte Central (10-2)

Class B 

1. Bigfork (11-0)
2. Colstrip (13-0)
3. Three Forks (9-3)
4. Rocky Boy (9-2)
5. Roundup (11-1)
Receiving votes: Florence (9-3)

Class C

1. Arlee (13-0)
2. Manhattan Christian (10-2)
3. Melstone (11-0)
4. Scobey (12-0)
5. Heart Butte (12-0)