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Columbia Falls Wildkats triumph in Hamilton

Posted at 10:57 PM, Jan 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-06 09:31:04-04

HAMILTON – The Columbia Falls Wildkats made their way down to Hamilton this evening. Both teams exceptionally talented, this game promised to be a good one.

Senior standout Dani Douglass grabs the steal and takes it all the way down for two, but Columbia Falls lags to Hamilton 14-10.

Josie Windauer with the stuttered step-down low to for this basket and Columbia Falls takes the lead.

Early in the 3rd, Cariann Kunkel heaves a cross-court pass to Tessa Della Silva who drains a deep two.

Another steal from Douglass, she gets it up the court to Diana Vasquez who quickly passes to Trista Cowan. First shot’s no good but 2nd times the charm, Columbia Falls pulls away late in the 3rd.

And the Wildkats take this one over Hamilton 46-33.