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Butte High’s Moreno twins doubling down on state title chase

Posted at 11:01 PM, Jan 14, 2018

BUTTE — Ask about the differences between Butte High’s Moreno twins, Kameron and Kobe, and you’ll get a pretty typical answer.

“There’s not much different about them,” said head coach Cory Johnston. “They both like to compete (and) they’re hard workers.”

But, if you ask the Morenos, they’ll tell you the opposite.

“We dress different, we don’t like the same anything, basically,” said Kameron. “We don’t have anything the same. It’s weird, I think.”

But Kameron and Kobe’s skills on the wrestling mats are nearly identical. The two are just sophomores, but Kobe has a 26-6 record and 14 pins this season, and Kameron is 21-6 with 15 pins. They have made a big jump from their freshman campaigns, thanks to a newfound dedication to the sport.

“We did work a lot harder than we did our freshman year,” Kobe said. “We (went) to a really big camp that really gave us a lot more experience against better wrestlers.”

Although the Bulldogs stumbled to Bozeman last week, the twins notched back-to-back wins at 170 and 182 pounds.

“They both really have ambitious goals and that’s what we ask them to do,” Johnston said. “But they put in all the hard work, so I think they trust in their goals. The time that they put in the offseason is second-to-none on our team right now and it’s starting to pay off.”

It’s paying off, and the two can thank each other for that. They work as partners every day in practice and have matched up plenty on the mats, but they are humble when it comes to talking about who the better wrestler is.

“(It’s) honestly a toss-up. We have the same style almost,” Kameron said. “(The winner is) whoever wants it more, I guess, on that day.”

Kobe, the younger of the two by three hours, agrees with his ‘little’ brother.

“Just like (Kameron) said,” he said. “(It’s) whoever wants it more. It really is.”

With all of their differences, they somehow agree on that. But that’s not a bad thing, because that could produce a pair of state champions.

“The sky’s the limit, I think, for us,” Kameron said. “If we just keep working hard, hitting the offseason really hard, I think we could do anything we want.”