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Frazer standout Mya Fourstar featured by Washington Post

Posted at 4:06 PM, Jan 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-03 18:06:37-05

FRAZER – Frazer sophomore standout Mya Fourstar was profiled in article published Wednesday by Jesse Dougherty of the Washington Post, chronicling life on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation and her quest to earn a Division I basketball scholarship.

Fourstar has started for the Bearcubs since she was an eighth grader and regularly scored 30 or more points, including several 40- and 50-point outbursts. She averaged 30.5 points per game as a freshman and told the Post her dream is to play college basketball at Gonzaga.

“Hopefully I will get there,” she told the Post in an accompanying video. “Not hopefully. I will. I will accomplish that.”

The article details the pressure and obstacles facing a 15-year-old student like Fourstar that dreams of making a name for herself away from the reservation.

She starts to hear the whispered doubts on days such as this. The night before, as Frazer School slipped further and further behind Froid/Medicine Lake, a dad in the opponent’s stands said, “That girl can’t play against tough competition like this.” Others say she can’t match those 40-point games of two years ago, the ones that attracted college coaches and made that 13-year-old from Frazer course into conversations throughout northeast Montana. Or can’t reach her dream of becoming the first Division I basketball player to come out of Frazer, where teenagers often stay put after high school.

But those people are wrong, the 15-year-old sophomore tells herself, just as she has since she started filling stat sheets as an eighth-grader. Mya soon walked through the kitchen and past her mother, who was asleep on a bed in the living room as 2 p.m. neared, before tossing her backpack over a tan blazer and gold-sequined shirt. Then she climbed into her Aunt Sasha’s white Lincoln and started toward another game that, like all the rest of them, has the chance to take her somewhere else.

“Anywhere but here,” Mya said. “Anywhere but here.”