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Glasgow's Cooper Larsen, Mayson Phipps jump to No. 1 in Class B-C wrestling polls

Posted at 4:06 PM, Dec 24, 2019

Glasgow wrestlers Cooper Larsen and Mayson Phipps climbed to the No. 1 spots at the 205- and 285-pound weight classes, respectively, in the latest Class B-C wrestling poll. The other top-ranked wrestlers remained the same from last week.

The Scotties, who remain No. 1 in the Class B team poll, finished 13th at the Great Falls CMR Holiday Classic over the weekend, accumulating 99 team points in the tournament. Phipps finished fourth in the tournament's heavyweight bracket, while Larsen was fifth at 205. Only Class AA athletes finished ahead of the duo.

Glasgow's Dylan Nieskens, who remains No. 1 at 182 pounds, placed fourth, while teammate Colten Fast, the No. 1 132-pound wrestler, placed fifth at the Holiday Classic. With four top-ranked Scotties, Glasgow boasts the most No. 1 wrestlers in this week's poll.

Circle, Cut Bank and Eureka each have two top-ranked wrestlers. Krayle Stormer (113) and Cole Becker (145) lead the Wildcats, who remain top-ranked in the Class C team poll. Andrew Anderson (152) and Austin Vanek (160) pace Cut Bank, while Gunnar Smith (126) and Nathan Schmidt (138) are Eureka's top-ranked wrestlers.

The complete polls can be found below. Please report any spelling errors to richie.melby@ktvh.com.

Class B-C wrestling polls
Week of Dec. 22, 2019

Team polls

Class B
1. Glasgow
2. Huntley Project
3. Townsend
4. Colstrip
5. Cut Bank
6. Whitehall
7. Eureka
8. Columbus-Absarokee
9. Thompson Falls
10. St. Ignatius-Charlo

Class C
1. Circle
2. Alberton-Superior
3. Cascade

Individual polls

103 pounds
1. Gavin Nedens, Huntley Project
2. Nathan Blodnik, Anaconda
3. Guy Williams, Columbus-Absarokee
4. Bradin Murphy, Cut Bank
5. Ryder Hanson, Alberton-Superior
6. Leo Anderson, Jefferson

113 pounds
1. Krayle Stormer, Circle
2. Parker Craig, Huntley Project
3. Christian Davis, Jefferson
4. Miguel Ramos, Fairfield
5. Wyatt Hood, Columbus-Absarokee
6. Robbie Burns, Colstrip

120 pounds
1. Tanner Cook, Columbus-Absarokee
2. Trae Thilmony, Thompson Falls
3. Tugg Taylor, Circle
4. Dawson Powers, Whitehall
5. Cody St. Claire, Jefferson
6. Weston Timberman, Columbus-Absarokee

126 pounds
1. Gunnar Smith, Eureka
2. Camron Reilly, Forsyth
3. Roper Mycke, Conrad
4. Walker Murphy, St. Ignatius-Charlo
5. Cooper Cook, Columbus-Absarokee
6. Harold Miller, Shelby

132 pounds
1. Colten Fast, Glasgow
2. Kyle Durden, Eureka
3. Roman Sparks, Thompson Falls
4. Riley Richtmyer, Townsend
5. Mike Wilkinson, Whitehall
6. Brady Ellison, Columbus-Absarokee

138 pounds
1. Nathan Schmidt, Eureka
2. Easton Held, Townsend
3. Conrad Vanderwall, Plains-Hot Springs
4. Canyon Casterline, Circle
5. Matt Larsen, Cut Bank
6. Zach Valdez, Colstrip

145 pounds
1. Cole Becker, Circle
2. Isaac DuMontier, St. Ignatius-Charlo
3. Dallen Hoover, Whitehall
4. Colton Siphakis, Manhattan
5. Ron Barnhill, Conrad
6. Wes Buchanan, Alberton-Superior

152 pounds
1. Andrew Anderson, Cut Bank
2. Kaden Zimmerman, Glasgow
3. Hank Dunn, Eureka
4. Darwin Adams, St. Ignatius-Charlo
5. Dawson Buckalew, Colstrip
6. Klause Rauser, Townsend

160 pounds
1. Austin Vanek, Cut Bank
2. Callen Mears, Malta
3. Ty Steele, Townsend
4. Kyler Hallock, Glasgow
5. Ethan Diaz, St. Ignatius-Charlo
6. Miles Hoerhauf, Whitehall

170 pounds
1. Rylin Burns, Colstrip
2. Will Lane, Townsend
3. Isaiah Alik, St. Ignatius-Charlo
4. William Loveridge, Huntley Project
5. Caden Crowell, Cascade
6. Cameron Brusven, Shelby

182 pounds
1. Dylan Nieskens, Glasgow
2. Nate Gorham, Shepherd
3. Kyler Alm, Florence
4. Stran Selman, Huntley Project
5. Trey Green, Alberton-Superior
6. Teegan Shafer, Deer Lodge

205 pounds
1. Cooper Larson, Glasgow
2. Dakota Irvine, Thompson Falls
3. Chanden Vulles, Alberton-Superior
4. Brett Monroe, Valier
5. Kolter Bouma, Fairfield
6. Jadon Lamb, Townsend

285 pounds
1. Mayson Phipps, Glasgow
2. Journey Grimsrud, Huntley Project
3. Trey Yates, Colstrip
4. Carter Beer, Columbus-Absarokee
5. Jacob Lapinski, Alberton-Superior
6. Chase Hould, Huntley Project