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Billings Senior tops 1st Class AA wrestling poll of season

Jayden Ramirez Billings Senior
Posted at 8:07 PM, Jan 16, 2020

Billings Senior is ranked No. 1 in the first Class AA wrestling poll of the season, despite not boasting a top-ranked wrestler. Five teams -- Belgrade, Bozeman, Great Falls High, Helena Capital and Missoula Big Sky -- have two wrestlers ranked No. 1 in their respective weight classes.

Senior edged powers Great Falls High and Bozeman for the top spot in the team poll, with nine individual wrestlers ranked. Mathew DeWitt (126 pounds), Idren Peak (138) and Thomas Klepps (160) were each ranked No. 2 in their weight classes. Jayden Ramirez was third at 126 behind DeWitt, while Holden Howe was third at 103.

Belgrade wrestlers Carter Schmidt (113) and John Mears (170) were placed in the top slots in their divisions, while Bozeman's Brock Rodriguez (145) and Leif Schroeder (138) were also No. 1s. Schroeder is chasing his fourth consecutive state title next month in Billings.

Capital's Carson DeRosier (132) and Noah Kovick (182) lead the Bruins in the rankings, while Hunter Meinzen (152) and Dougie Swanson (160) are top-ranked in consecutive classes for the Big Sky Eagles.

Great Falls High's defending champions in the upper weight classes, Elijah Davis (205) and Ethan DeRoche (285), pave the way for the Bison.

The complete polls can be found below. Please submit any errors to richie.melby@ktvh.com.

Class AA wrestling coaches' poll
Week of Jan. 13, 2020

Team poll
1. Billings Senior
2. Great Falls High
3. Bozeman
4. Missoula Big Sky
5. Butte
6. Billings West

Individual polls

103 pounds
1. Hunter Ketchum, Billings Skyview
2. Jase Van Pelt, Billings West
3. Holden Howe, Billings Senior
4. Colton Guttenberg, Belgrade
5. Hunter Rahn, Helena Capital
6. Trey Whitlock, Butte

113 pounds
1. Carter Schmidt, Belgrade
2. Teegan Vasquez, Kalispell Glacier
3. Wyatt Van Pelt, Billings West
4. Jalen Vladic, Billings Senior
5. Christian Sherman, Butte
6. Austin Phatavong, Great Falls High

120 pounds
1. Colton Martello, Great Falls CMR
2. Easton Shupe, Great Falls High
3. Israel Moreno, Missoula Big Sky
4. Keagan Gransbery, Butte
5. Jesse Arness, Billings West
6. Dre Coles, Great Falls High

126 pounds
1. Drake Rhodes, Billings West
2. Mathew DeWitt, Billings Senior
3. Jayden Ramirez, Billings Senior
4. Cade Troupe, Kalispell Flathead
5. Taylor Weirs, Bozeman
6. Dylan Emborg, Billings Skyview

132 pounds
1. Carson DeRosier, Helena Capital
2. Avery Allen, Bozeman
3. RJ Lowdog, Billings West
4. Oden Currier, Belgrade
5. Asher Kampainen, Kalispell Flathead
6. Connor Konda, Butte

138 pounds
1. Leif Schroeder, Bozeman
2. Idren Peak, Billings Senior
3. Scout Allen, Butte
4. Gentry Lamb, Billings Skyview
5. Brendan Barnes, Kalispell Flathead
6. Blake Jolma, Missoula Sentinel

145 pounds
1. Brock Rodriguez, Bozeman
2. Finn Nadeau, Kalispell Flathead
3. Cameron Savaria, Billings Skyview
4. Trevin Welzein, Missoula Big Sky
5. Cache Hilliard, Great Falls High
6. Wyatt Schneider, Helena Capital

152 pounds
1. Hunter Meinzen, Missoula Big Sky
2. Paolo Salminen, Billings Skyview
3. Donovan Mahoney, Great Falls High
4. AJ LaFurge, Great Falls CMR
5. Noah Poe-Hatten, Kalispell Flathead
6. Isaiah Murch, Billings Senior

160 pounds
1. Dougie Swanson, Missoula Big Sky
2. Thomas Klepps, Billings Senior
3. Coy Cohenour, Bozeman
4. Quinn Sullivan, Butte
5. Brendan Lockhart, Great Falls High
6. Luke Brewer, Billings Senior

170 pounds
1. John Mears, Belgrade
2. Tanner Russell, Kalispell Flathead
3. Bridger Hall, Missoula Big Sky
4. Tyson Krahe, Great Falls High
5. Charlie Desmarais, Billings Senior
6. Dominick Scown, Butte

182 pounds
1. Noah Kovick, Helena Capital
2. Jett Rebish, Missoula Big Sky
3. Kameron Moreno, Butte
4. Peyton Morton, Billings Senior
5. Liam Swanson, Great Falls High
6. Paxton Boyce, Kalispell Flathead

205 pounds
1. Elijah Davis, Great Falls High
2. Brenner Bushfield, Billings Skyview
3. Zane McCormick, Helena Capital
4. Kobe Moreno, Butte
5. Jaydon Hoff, Billings West
6. Zaybin Stewart, Kalispell Flathead

285 pounds
1. Ethan DeRoche, Great Falls High
2. Thomas Walkup, Bozeman
3. Camryn Vergeront, Kalispell Glacier
4. Zac Malcolm, Billings West
5. Josh Lee, Helena Capital
6. Aiden Prieto, Kalispell Flathead