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Versatile Whitefish track star Carson Krack chasing titles in multiple events

Carson Krack
Posted at 8:42 PM, May 21, 2024

WHITEFISH — Heading into this weekend's Class A state track meet, Carson Krack ranks in the top five for nine total events, and he has high expectations for himself as he hopes to bring home some hardware across the board.

"It's just fun to watch him, right? Coaches talk, (and) we love to talk before his races and we're like, 'What do you think he's going to run here? What do you think he's capable of?' We've been wrong every single time all year," said Bulldogs coach Willie Roche.

"We've been over every single time. We're like, maybe he'll go 41 in the 200 hurdles and he runs a 39. So it's fun to kind of go, how wrong are we going to be with each event?"
Those events include everything from the high jump and long jump to both hurdle races and relay teams, and Krack credits his success on the track to participating in multiple sports all throughout his high school career.
"Each sport has its individual little areas where it just makes you better," said Krack. "Football will teach you how to be more agile, how to be (faster) wearing football gear; basketball teaches a little bit more like technique stuff and each sport has its little thing and then you can correlate those to really any sport.

"Each part has its own athleticism that's unique, but also has some sort of correlation to track and I think just doing a lot of stuff helps."
While chasing state titles in multiple events, above it all Krack is just hoping to end his high school athletic career on a high note.

"I'm just looking forward to a good season, good end just knowing that I put it all out there," said Krack.

"Just know that each sport and each season I've had all four years just knowing that I put everything I had into it, knowing I don't have any regrets coming off any of those fields and knowing that I had fun with it. It’ll be a great experience and someday I'll tell my kids about it, so I’m excited for that."
Even though Krack ranks in the top five for nine different events he’s only permitted to compete in seven at state, and he and the Whitefish coaches are faced with the rare challenge of choosing which events he’ll be competing in. Right now Krack is expected to compete in both hurdle races, the 400 meters, the 400 relay, the 1600 relay, and the high jump and triple jump.

"You know you have to trust them at the end of the day to and say hey, this is what we got you in. We might have made the wrong decision, (but) prove us right," said Roche. "Tell us that we did something right by your performance and we believe he will.

"He's just that person, he's a competitive person. If I say, "Hey, I want you to go you know, sub 39 like when we were at home the other day, he'll go, ‘I'll go sub 38, you got it man I’m in.’ It's so fun to coach that."

Krack will be chasing down his state titles in Laurel at state for Class A on Friday and Saturday.