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MTN Sports tests Red Lodge track athletes

Posted at 4:16 PM, Apr 09, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-09 18:54:18-04

RED LODGE — The seniors at Red Lodge have accomplished quite a bit throughout their high school careers.

There have been deep postseason runs on the gridiron and back-to-back appearances at the State B boys basketball tournament. The Rams are loaded on the track this year, as well, but MTN's Alec Bofinger put their brains to the test.

MTN: OK, Owen, are you ready?

Owen Reynolds: Yeah.

MTN: When was Red Lodge officially established as a town?

Reynolds: 1930.

Shaylee Quenzer: Nine...seven...1870?

MTN: Not bad. 1884. It took you a little bit to get there.

MTN: How many state track championships do the boys have here in Red Lodge?

Reynolds: Two.

MTN: When were they?

Reynolds: Whew. 1937 and 1958?

MTN: That's pretty close. 1962 and '63, so you're in the right time frame.

MTN: You and your teammates go camping for the weekend, a little team bonding, but you get lost? Who's the one teammate you'd want with you?

Jaidyn Robinson: I know Silas is pretty good with the wilderness, so I'd say Silas Hahn, for sure.

Reynolds: Silas Hahn.

MTN: See, you aren't the first guy to say that. Why Silas Hahn?

Reynolds: He's just a good dude, a smart dude. He'd know his way around.

MTN: Are you faster than him, so if something is chasing you you can get out first?

Reynolds: I don't know. In the mountains he might be faster than I am.

MTN: OK, you guys are going to New York for the Fourth of July and the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. Who's the one dude on the team you would pick that could win that?

Reynolds: Chase (Cook).

MTN: Someone else just said Chase, too. Why Chase?

Reynolds: I can't. He just eats a lot. He's a good eater.