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Long distance: Lavina thrower Will Sanguins well-traveled

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Posted at 4:11 PM, Apr 22, 2021

BILLINGS -- Will Sanguins is only a sophomore on Broadview-Lavina's track and field team, but he's already seen more of the world than most adults.

"We traveled a lot because my parents were in the military," Sanguins told MTN Sports during a recent meet.

He's been north, south, far east and west.

"The first place I lived was Mississippi, where I was born. Then we went to Japan, California, then Washington to live with my grandparents, then Montana," Sanguins said.

That's a lot of distance, which may be why Sanguins excels at distance field events for the Pirates. He throws the discus and javelin but said his favorite is currently shot put where he had thrown over 41 feet.

"It's like primal instinct, almost. You've got to just, ahhh," he said, emphasizing with a grunt.

"He has a ton of drive," Pirates head coach Kim Sorkness told MTN Sports. "We have a lot of kids with a lot of drive, but he really shows extra."

Sanguins also runs a relay, but his most notable achievement this season may be in the triple jump. No, he's not a record-setter -- yet.

"He just started out there and literally stopped and jumped in," Sorkness marveled, "and the coach from Harlowton said, 'Wow, he just hopped in 33 to 36 feet.' I can't wait to see what he does when we actually get him down to it."

"I jumped 33-9 in my first meet and I didn't really get a run because I was way late," Sanguins recalled.

He said he's since added about three feet in practice, but that's far from where he wants to be.

"He has all kinds of junior high track records," Sorkness said. "Always wanting to do better. Always says, 'Coach, what can I do (to improve)? Watch me, watch me.'"

Odds are Sanguins will have a lot of people watching ... unless that military address changes again.

"No, this is my last stop," he said with a hopeful smile.